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Storm Timeless: Bowling Ball Review

The Storm Timeless was clean and had a shorter skid through the head area of the lane with a medium transition in the mid-lane in addition to, an angular shape ball motion, it had more even transitions in all three zones than we expected. Worked well on medium to heavy oil patterns or the tougher sport shots, the Storm Timeless had very good continuation and a strong hit. The Time was about 5 boards stronger than the Code Black, and cleaner than the Snap Lock, we felt the Storm Timeless would be best used as the perfect fit for when your high-end benchmark ball, like the Phaze II or Haywire, burn out or after the first game when the shot opens up. The Storm Timeless would be best used playing a medium line on medium heavy oil. As well as an inside line on lighter patterns or after the shot breaks down. Conclusion: The Storm Timeless was able to hit the pocket on the fresh even when some shots got right of target. This ball is a good strong bowling and great if you need some hook and continuation through the pins!

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Specs: RG: 2.57 – Finish: Polished – Ball Color: Blue Solid/Platinum & Black Pearls – Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy – Coverstock: Hybrid Reactive – Ball Quality: First Quality – Ball Warranty: 1 Year – Factory Finish: 1500 Grit Polished – Break-point Shape: Predictable Angularity w/ Max Continuation – Cover-stock Name: R2S Hybrid – Core Name: Dual-Drive (14-16#), Centripetal (12-13#) – Differential: 0.050 – Flare Potential: 5-6″ (High) – Fragrance: Aromatherapy: Citrus – Core Type: Symmetric – Performance: Pro Performance[10] – Storm Product Line: Signature Bowling Ball Release Date: 02/14/2017

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