Storm Byte: Bowling Ball Review

The Storm Byte is another one of Storm’s new high performance bowling balls for the 2013 – 2014 season.

The New Storm Byte Bowling Ball
You’ve never seen a bowling ball store this much energy and sink its teeth in on the backend like the Storm Byte!
The newly-designed G2+ Core offer bowlers an incredible change of direction at the breakpoint. Increasing angle will increase pin carry… this means higher scores!
The ERG coverstock utilizes similar technology to our NRG coverstock but without the Nano additive. The ERG coverstock offers the cleanest glide through the heads with the most bite on the backend.

The Storm Byte had a medium skid through the heads with a shorter and stronger transition to hook along with a strong and angular ball motion on the back end…. In addition, the Byte was a more controllable than we expected for a polished pearl ball… We put this in the long and strong category of bowling balls… In addition, we used a 5 x 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 drilling layout for testing this bowling ball along with the out of box surface finish, and bowled on a 38ft house pattern when testing this ball…

The good part about the Storm Byte was it’s even transitions and strong angular ball motion on the back-end… In addition, we found this to be a very good high performance bowling ball…… The Storm Byte reminds us alot of the Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl and is a very tunable bowling ball so you can adjust the cover stock easily to fit your desired ball reaction… We felt this would be a good ball for medium to heavy patterns with drier back-ends or when you need a more angular ball motion… The bad part about Storm Byte was it needs some dry boards to react and tends to work the best on medium to heavy oil patterns…

The Storm Byte is a strong bowling ball that had a angular back end motion and should be considered for medium to heavy oil patterns with drier back ends… You can get more details about this bowling ball in the links below this post.

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Storm Byte

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Storm Byte: Bowling Ball Review

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