Track 718A: Review

The Track 718A is another one of Track’s new high performance bowling balls for the 2010 – 2011 season.


The Track 718A is all new 7 Series ball, the 718A, was designed to be a new and improved version of 2009’s 715A…

The Track 718A had a long and strong reaction with a more angular back end motion. It recovered well but it did jump on the dry part of the oil pattern so we had to make sure we kept in the oil. In addition, the Track 718A carried well and had a strong hit at the pocket… We used a 50 x 4 1/2 x 35 dual angle drilling layout, and we used 2000 abralon surface finish, and bowled on a 39ft house pattern in testing this ball…

The good part about the Track 718A was it had a very strong back end reaction, in addition, it had a very tunable cover stock. We felt this would be a good ball for medium to heavy house patterns with drier backends or when a more angular ball motion is desired. The bad part about 718A was it did have over reaction on use if we hit the dry area to quick although this could be smoothed out with cover stock surface adjustments….

The Track 718A is good long and strong type bowling ball and should be considered as a ball for medium heavy oil pattern with drier back ends… You can get more details about this bowling ball in the links below this post.

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Track 718A

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Track 718A: Review

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