1. BEANS!!!!😂😂😂
    So if someone paid me…I’d throw the Pure Rise (ugly duck for sure)…but the treasure—going for the pirate ship theme???
    When you said the core looks like an STD…😂😂😂…howlin’!!!

    1. The Black Pearl line has been around for a long time. A few years ago they made a new updated core for it starting with the Hunter, then the Bloody Ocean which was an amazing ball, now the Treasure. A lot of reviews for the Bloody Ocean were positive.

  2. I loved this review. You called it like you aw it, and you made me laught doing so. Thanks – I’ll definitely avoide all 5 of these.

  3. I cannot argue at all with your choices, but you hit all the oversea balls. I would love to see a US release of the top 5 worse balls.

    1. @Bowlers Rant correct all but one are balls you can get here, but Swag balls are made in Korea and sold here.

      Also, it’s Anthony Lavery Spahr that is on Swag Pro Staff.

      Hope you had an amazing holiday and hope to see you at Bowl Expo

  4. Well, we’ve entered the land of the beholder’s eye lol. Only one I agree with is the third one. The rest I think look at least decent. More importantly, looks always are inferior to performance. I’ll throw the ugliest ball no problem if I can bowl good with it.

  5. The fact that you never talk about these brands on this channel and now just absolutely murder them. Kinda cold blooded. Merry Christmas 😂😂😂

  6. I love this brand and it’s all I throw, but I think it’s from last year, the MOTIV Forge Flare had to be the ugliest ball that I’ve ever seen, next to the Gem. Luckily I don’t care about color because that ball hits like a tank and hooks at your feet. I love that ball, but it looks like a piece of candy corn and I hate candy corn.

  7. yes the exotic gem is kinda ugly , , i bought one and ive thrown 2 unimpressive shots so far with it , , im having regrets buying it and im not sure i’ll take the time to break it in and give it a fair chance , , maybe i’ll sell it off for half price , , ,

  8. Yeah no# 1 ‘ believe it or not it’s horrific label but I’ve thrown a few swags tried them since PBA player rolls them but the treasure ball 1st place of awful you say I rolled it in league and it actually rolled great Brother.

  9. To me the gems are decent balls but uglyyyyy as well as the x3 haha all ugly but performance seems to be good

  10. Beans,
    I have to say the only one I really agree with in totality is the antidote. The first one was at least kind of OK looking. Let’s not mention a certain vendor trying to sell a cheaply made Chinese ball at the same price point as some others that are arguably superior. The colors they chose for the latest one are meh.

    The XXX-Mas pour looks great IMO. You don’t see many red/white/green balls. The Hammer candy cane Vibe and the Visionary New Breed Solid are the only ones I can remember at the moment. That said, Swag/Lord Field makes some great pieces but they have a habit of giving some of their balls some DUMB names.

    As far as the Nanodesu balls, aside from the first one being kind of boring color wise I like the look of the last few. Colors and logos are not overdone or obnoxious.

    The Polaris hybrid is a great ball but the effort on shelf appeal was a phone-in.

  11. I think the Brutal Collision needs to make the list. Even though I think it looks like a good ball, I think I’d look for a better looking ball with a similar reaction before buying it. The Blue and one other color can stay, but not both.

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