3D offset Attack by Hammer | Full Uncut review by Bowlerx com

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22 Comments on “3D offset Attack by Hammer | Full Uncut review by Bowlerx com”

  1. I’m thinking to replace my RST X2 with this ball. I loved my X2 but is now my spare ball as it goes straight.

  2. Didn’t roll Hammer for some reason for decades. I recently added the Vibe which reacts very much like the 3D. If I come around it, will it hook. Behind it gives a much more controllable line.

  3. Any chance you can show us a video on your difference hand position when you transition left?? Please and Thank you!! Love the content

    1. He has done that, but I forget which ball review it was when teh explained it. May have been on the other channel.

  4. I’m in the same boat you are I have a lot of pearls I like! But i feel like I have too much overlap. I love the 3D attack but I also love my exotic Gem and my infinite physics so sometimes it’s hard to choose I don’t necessarily want to bring all three

  5. I have done this over the years since the PAP does change. Well, the baseline PAP changes.
    I establish a new baseline every year to determine the most versatile layouts for both asymmetrical and symmetric balls. I change hand positions as required so getting the layout right is critical. Ball Surface is also critical.
    I explain all this to my students when necessary, when I think they are ready. Want to see eyes glaze over, explain this to somebody who isn’t ready. They will think you are nuts.
    BTW, when somebody changes ball weight, better go through the process again since changing weight changes everything.

  6. Favorite 2022 3d offset or the purple hammer. Love hammer products! Have those plus bw ghost and obsession pearl πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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