7-10 Split + Deadwood Challenge | $100 Wager vs Pro Bowler? | Ft. Mitch Hupe

PBA Pro Mitch Hupé is back with JR Pro Shop in a sequel to his famous 7-10 video with The House Bowling! Can Mitch spare the 7-10 again at Lucky 9 Lanes! Watch the entire video to find out!


Mitch sparing the 7-10 –

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19 Comments on “7-10 Split + Deadwood Challenge | $100 Wager vs Pro Bowler? | Ft. Mitch Hupe”

  1. Jungo! He schooled Packy in that spare ball challenge a year ago, or whatever it was Packy lost and ended up spoon feeding him, LoL!

    I’m not doubting you at all Jungo, he made it look easy beating him, that’s all.

    Keep these rockstar videos coming!!!

  2. I’ve made one 7-10… I was really throwing it as fast as I could, and thought I’d missed left, I clipped the left hand side of the 10 pin so thinly, it kicked into the sidewall and pinged off, then rolled very slowly scross the deck into the 7 that I’d already turned away, when I few cheers. I looked back and couldn’t believe it had gone.

  3. I’ve made 3 of them in league, 7 overall. But like mitch said, I’ll never forget the first one. Hit the 7 pin, rake came down, 7 pin popped out of the back hit the rake then rolled back into the 10 pin. AND won the game because of it, other team was big time mad haha

  4. i rlly thought he was gonna get one forsure since hes the 7-10 king. lucky9 lanes rlly shows how bouncy wichita was since he made 7. the best split ive made was 4-7-10, the 4 slid to the 10 at the slowest speed ever. was super surprised

  5. 7-10’s… made it at least 10 times. I’ve brought the 10 pin back up the lane across the foul line 3 times. I could throw it 29-30mph in my younger days. Now at 43 it’s about 25-26mph. That flap on the gsx’s makes it almost impossible to bounce anything out..

  6. took it down one time in 14 years, it was on a GSX but Brunswick wooden pins not the twister pins full plastic. These full plastic twister pins are extremly hard to bounce from anywhere, messengers are also more rare on these pins than any other wood pin.

  7. I like your Brian Voss story where he says why not this one ..when I made my first one through it 19.5 at 5he ten and it went over to the 7 like a demon 50 people in the bowling alley and only two people saw it haha…but b4 I through the ball I literally said well I haven’t missed it yet ..when I made it im ohhhhh and this one dude grabbed his afro and started spinning around im like did you see that man ! And the lady at the desk was like what so I said 7 10 …7 10 haha and I started talking with that dude for a few mins haha he said it was the first one he saw ..he said he seen me the next day and said when I walked in I looked high on life hahah it was only practice though

  8. I’ve been bowling 35+ years and I just made my first 7-10 a couple of months ago after watching Mitch’s first video. A-2 pinsetter, followed his same strategy (fired it at the 7-pin on the left lane) and it bounced right across just like Mitch did. It was unreal.

    For real though, 94-for-96 on single pins across the two videos is incredible. His form never wavered even when getting tired. And he only missed the two because he was trying to cut it close.

  9. I’ve made it twice. Throwing at the 10 (lefty) and hitting it thin on the lane side. It bounced off the sidewall, hit my ball in the pit, came back out and got the 7. Almost exactly like his attempt with 13 remaining. Don’t remember how the 2nd one happened though.

  10. **Put down the plastic ball**
    I grew up on GS pinsetters. I have had the most luck using my strike ball cross lane and letting it straighten out so it is going straight at or through the 10 pin. It follows the pin straight back and pinches it against the curtain. From there I have for sure shot it out as deadwood and or thrown it back on the deck to roll it around. That was with at least 20+ MPH. Or hooking it cross lane into the 7 pin and hitting it slightly thin to hit the side wall and come back and bounce off the top of the ball. Works for 4 7 10 to create madness in the pit on the 4 7 side. With my Master Shifu voice Again!

  11. Does the weight of the bowling ball determine if the ball hooks more or not? Example. If I buy a 10 lbs Brunswick Rhino Red/Black/Gold Pearl, will it hook less than a heavier pound ball that’s the exact same but weighs more?

  12. I picked up the 7-10 split 4 times in a span on a month right before Covid shut everything down. Got 3 on film. Got the most recent one during league play and got a patch lol.

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