900 Global Altered Reality | Bowling Ball Review | ANOTHER HIT FROM 900 GLOBAL??

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900 Global Altered Reality features the Disturbance Core as well as the S84 Response Pearl Coverstock. With this combo compared to the Zen and RST X-2, Jungo is back for an amazing bowling ball review!

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0:00 – Intro
1:23 – Route 66 Burn
6:12 – Question Time with Jungo
6:26 – Carbon House
13:49 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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25 Comments on “900 Global Altered Reality | Bowling Ball Review | ANOTHER HIT FROM 900 GLOBAL??”

  1. Since Storm has taken over 900 global they have really come out with some real nice releases.Reality Zen Zen Master Altered Reality have definitely been hits and people are definitely using more 900 global gear.

  2. I’d be interested to see you cover lane surfaces and best ball types to use. I’m a newbie so I genuinely don’t know. My local lanes all seem to be wood with Guardian heads rather than synthetic (this is in the UK).

    1. Generally wood is going to have the highest friction so you’ll want something with a cleaner cover combined with a mid to high RG core that doesn’t want to start up too early.

    2. That would be kinda hard being everyone throws at different revs, angles, and releases. Every bowl can strike. It’s how you get the ball to strike. Which practice practice practice is a most.

  3. Answer is yes definitely. The balls that Global balls that SPI pours now have been so good. And what I love is how they seem to be less “snappy” than most storm balls. You see the global balls pick up the mid lane and roll off the spot quite nicely

  4. Just pre ordered my Altered Reality last week, I have thrown Storm balls for the last few years now. Not sure if anyone else is noticing how lackluster their releases have been as of this past year and how fast they discontinued some of their more recent releases. Nothing has really set itself apart. I know the local pro shop I go to can’t even get a 900 Global Zen because they are backordered. Let’s hope with this “Cosmic,” teaser trailer that something big is coming tomorrow from Storm.

    1. I just ordered a Zen from Bowlersmart last week and it got to my door in 4 days. Try them if you can’t find one in stock.

  5. A little late but I was wondering if jungo would rank the idol bowling balls in order from his top pick to least favorite….I have had them all but not sure if I want to get the new one. Thanks

  6. Absolutely I would buy Global balls almost more than others. Since Zen came the original Reality followed by both Burners which I feel are the best lower end balls made at the time. But Storm has released some really good pieces on the lower end since

  7. really liked how you threw on a burned up lane and the camera is backed up a bit more so we can see your form more on your release. great changes in this video!

  8. so fun when you keep going left to test the limits 😂 on the top of my head i remember you did this with burner pearl and trend but im sure there was some more

  9. Always been a fan of 900 Global, their Dirty Look has to be my favorite pearl release of all time. So I’d say yes since SPI has a great rep for quality control and manufacturing which only helps 900 Global perception since they have had some quality control issues in the past with balls cracking for example.

  10. Oh absolutely 900 Global has been doing great things! I love the Zen and Reality a lot! Would’ve liked to see this compared to the Dark Code but great video, love all your work!

  11. Big Fan of 900 Global, once I rolled that Zen ! Roto Grip puts out some great stuff too ! Altered Reality colors really look good to me as well as the motion. My current bag is carrying
    Reality, Zen, Hyped Pearl, Radical Squatch Solid which is kind of a sleeper with a good strong cover and very controllable. Thanks for another great review Jungo appreciate your opinions at the end from the shop and letting people know how this may fit them.

  12. Yes!!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this video help me! Those are my 3/4 of my top favorite balls (proton physics is the 4th) and I needed confirmation that the new Reality was a beast!

  13. Ended up loving 900 before the purchase. Had 2 mid teir storm balls end up being duds. I knew at my center every pearl 900 global ball that came out of the bag looked like the best ball in the house. Seeing that storm makes em, im almost scared to buy another, even though technically my bag is now all storm, Halo, Honey Badger, Hot Cell. I have never had an actual storm ball that I liked, but their offshoots i guesd you could call them have been great.

  14. I never threw any Global balls before the SPI merger, but they have quickly become my favorite of the 3 brands by far. HB Revival and Zen are absolutely nuts for me. I’ve also gone back and picked up some older ones like the HB Claw and I really like that one.

  15. Absolutely the 900 line is unreal good just continue to be impressed with the releases storm took them to the next level big time

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