1. I am suprised they didn’t do a wolverine pearl and a hybrid the 4fast will make it strong in the backend

  2. I’m def getting the wolverine!! I loved the soft ban one sadly i did the exchange and this is the same ball but with 4k fast and different colors !!

    1. Let me know how it rolls. I always love to hear feedback once the ball gets drilled bro. 🙂

    1. Looking at the 4 styles video that 900 Global put out for both balls, they actually look very similar in movement that you can do either of them and not miss out too much.

      I have a Soul and absolutely LOVE it, very good at holding on the inside and recovering if thrown too far out.

      I’m not sure why they decided to release both of them so close together, but I’m not in marketing, so my best guess is to attract to those people who like the Reality line.

    2. @Omar Hussain Thank you for your input. My arsonal is asym heavy, (stroker style) so I’m thinking a sym would be a good addition and I’ve heard nothing but good about the Soul.

    3. @David Chamberlain I’m in love with symmetrical stuff on the flip side lol. I love that they’re more predictable for me and I can usually make them work whenever I need them to.

      I tend to be a bit more than a stroker as far as my throw, but my throws have a bit more roll than skid.

      If completely rotating counter clockwise is 90 degrees, I’d say I’m throwing it about 30-35 degrees behind the ball.

      The Soul has a LOT of hold in the middle sometimes and very recoverable from the outside.

      I pair it with my Hyped Hybrid actually, if the Soul is too strong, I’ll ball down to the Hyped.

    1. This one will have the new 4K fast finish, but yes it’s the exact same ball, except it is good to use anywhere at any tournament unlike the original Wolverine

  3. the colour of the wolverine is probably just as wrong as it’s predecessor in photo’s so i wouldn’t get too concerned about people calling you out

  4. The new Wolverine (and I’m not hat’in)
    Is the same cover stock as the 1st Wolverine, just without the finish.. it’s S70 pearl… The blue Wolverine was the same.. just not 4K fast… I’ll bet you a brand new beautiful Night Road that the only difference between the 2 Wolverines is
    A). Color
    B). Finish
    But I’m not hating because something about StormRotoGrip900Global is that they have been good to me, and always thank me for my service (I have to remind them that it is that needs to be thanking them for making fine equipment so I can stay active).
    But all in all… They all look good, and thank God we are over the fiasco.. now I need a new UFO Alert … Cuz I love that ball too much.. u say when u look at the Wolverine Moss u see the Silver Surfer, well when I look at the UFO Alert I see Kang the Conqueror..
    Thanks again Chris “Cool” Beans ..
    Keep making vids and I’ll keep watching.

  5. I’ve bought the other realitys and all the zens, call me crazy but the reality check is the only one I would consider ugly.

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