900 Global Wolverine | Bowling Ball Review | THE NEW ZEN??

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Along with the Altered Reality, 900 Global has released the Wolverine! A very impressive symmetric pearl ball. Is it comparable to the trusty Zen? Watch Jungo and find out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:42 – Route 66 (Burn)
6:24 – Question Time with Jungo
6:37 – Carbon (House)
10:09 – Summary
13:57 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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31 Comments on “900 Global Wolverine | Bowling Ball Review | THE NEW ZEN??”

  1. I don’t know about naming a new ball but if they were to make a solid version of the Wolverine I call it the Sabertooth

  2. I would make a 17 pound ball and call it the “Medicine” ball. Yes, I know 17 pounds is not a legal ball, but you would use it to warm up with during shadow practice much like baseball players do with the weighted donut on a bat. You could also use it to train with during practice sessions to get stronger. I’ve had this idea for decades and am still surprised no one has done it.

    1. I like it. I wonder at what point would the extra weight mess with the ball returns? Say if they made them up to 20 lbs. Or would that not be a factor?

    2. Yeah, I don’t know. I figure anything more than 17 pounds would have a higher chance that bowling proprietors would ban it. I figure 17lbs isn’t that much more than 16lbs so it really shouldn’t cause any issue, right? Plus, if you normally throw 15lb then you could use a 16lb ball to serve the same purpose. A 17lb ball would be for those that normally throw 16lb or for an extra heavy trainer for 15 pounders. I dunno, just a thought!

  3. As a Marvel/Wolverine fan, Storm should of made the logos, pin, etc. Yellow!…Next ball name : Aurora. Sweet color combination with that name

    1. Was gonna say thats a solid name but that name sounds like a name for a pearl so well
      But still nice name tho

  4. If I had to name a ball, it would be a rerelease of a defunct ball companys ball called the “photon torpedo”, huge star trek fan

  5. Excellent review and comparison. +1 for the different drillings. Also the wrap-up commentary/explanations section was especially helpful. Thanks!

  6. Mine would be a three ball line and they would be the Confusion (solid), Confusion Clueless (pearl), and the Utter Confusion (hybrid).

  7. I know some brands have kind of done this but make a line of bowling balls based on sharks would be cool. Like the most aggressive great white, medium aggressive hammer head, and than like a weaker ball. You get the point

    1. and then*. Than is used for saying something is better than something else, or I’d rather be doing this than that.

  8. My BOYZ!!! I need a Sym Pearl and was gonna get the Zen, but lets see…perhaps the X-Men ball 😉 It’s so import to play the lanes and understand speed as so many throw is as hard as possible and fly by the break point. So where would the iQ Sapphire Tour fix in with either of these 2 balls?

  9. Some unique ball name imo, will be example: Luminosity, Stargazer, Transition, Turbo Drift? Idk, there are many possible names 😁😅, just how it blends, and most importantly, how good it will be for the right bowler 👍🎳

  10. I really like how you talk about the situation when u would use the ball and at what point etc. I think that really helps. Good stuff.

    1. For me I prefer the zen master to zen. The shapes are closer. The helios cover seems to make it roll sooner an be lazier on the back than the zen master. But I feel like it will handle more oil than the zen master.

  11. This is great – quick q: could you show us the flare on each of the Wolverines? I’d love to see the differences with the pin distance & VAL angles.

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