900 Global Zen Master | Ball Review | Phaze II Successor?

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Storm Pro Shop Staffer Anthony Wiegand throws the ZEN MASTER, the newest symmetrical solid bowling ball from 900 Global bowling! Multiple angles, commentary, and more!

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Music by:
Lost Sky – Need You [NCS Release]
Zeus X Crona & Shiah Maisel – Run & Hide [NCS Release]
Andro Lethal [Magic Music]


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7 Comments on “900 Global Zen Master | Ball Review | Phaze II Successor?”

  1. A lot of people will have misconceptions with this ball and will be disappointed (not your fault). Also, I don’t believe that this ball would kick a P2 out of the bag and this ball will probably get discontinued while the P2 still stands. Ball seems very niche and looked like a complete dud when Verity was throwing it in the finals the other night.

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