900 Global Zen Master | Bowling Ball Review | STRAIGHTER IS GREATER??

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The new Zen Master by 900 Global is the sequel to the very famous Zen. Today Jungo is back comparing this new solid to the Storm Axiom, Roto Grip Idol, and 900 Global Zen. Can the Zen Master live up to it's name? Watch to find out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:27 – Zen Master + Axiom + Zen
6:03 – Question
6:20 – Pin Up vs Pin Down vs Idol
8:44 – Summary

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25 Comments on “900 Global Zen Master | Bowling Ball Review | STRAIGHTER IS GREATER??”

  1. Honestly once my brunswick rhino dies out ill be wanting to drill another one for sure although I did recently pick up the hustle wine and i am loving that ball alot

  2. Great stuff! Definitely like my Zen, but I didn’t run out to buy this ball because I have a Zen and a C4 and I didn’t want a lot of overlap. As for the q of the day, I’ve never purchased the same ball twice. I would be curious to go back and throw stuff from 10+ years ago on today’s conditions though if I had thought to stash some away.

  3. Just started my bowling ball stash. For when the stuff that I love now, dies. I can drill up some fresh ones!

  4. Looks like a great piece!! I like the reactions of both balls!! I also have the IQ Tour drilled pin up and pin down…

  5. Finally someone tells the truth about the new Zen Master. I’ve watched so many sugar coated videos about it.

    1. @Joshua slosser his ball speed is slower than jungo by a bit I think, It allows him to slow wheel it and manufacture that back end where as the power players like jungo gotta straighten up angles to get backend with this ball

    2. @Joshua slosser JR constantly talks about his friction in his house. I’m not a huge fan of his but according to his videos he has tons of friction

    3. @Joshua slosser I’ve watched a lot of their vids but I haven’t personally bowled there but it looks average I recall them saying they have quite a bit of friction as well but it doesn’t look as violent as JRs and they also bowl sport patterns and have a very high end oil machine by the looks of it so it’s hard to say

    4. @IceBergs I mean I still think that every ball is different for every person just because everyone’s roll and axis tilt is different. I’m sure the center has a lot to do with ball reaction as well but I think the biggest element is you

  6. Love the comparisons you do and throwing in the pin down and pin up was perfect! Really enjoy your vids. A ball that I’ve drilled two of, you’ll laugh, the Storm Special Agent…it’s my favorite Storm ball of all time. Still have a NIB stashed.

  7. Normally I wouldn’t get the same ball as one I get, but when I got my intensity, I feel in love and am probably gonna stash one for nationals lol

  8. People have compared it to the phaze 2. What are your thoughts on that? Is it if the axiom and phase 2 had a baby?

  9. Actually on my 3rd Hustle Ink now (with one more left in stash), but even back in the 90s when I was throwing mainly Brunswick and Hammer, I had multiples of the Red Hammer R and the Purple Rhino Pro.

  10. Personally myself it’s hard for me to find a ball that I like enough to buy multiples of. With that being said I want a whole closet full of RST X1……..I absolutely love that ball. Oh and I would take another Rubicon UC2 in a heartbeat

  11. First off amazing video as always. Seen someone shoot 812 with Original Zen at the military tournament here in NV. Now I want one lol. This video helps the Zen look even better lol To answer your question, I have never purchased two balls of the same and drilled the same. Extremely glad that the idol is the Ol trusty rock to pull out.

  12. Two drilled at the same time so far for me are: Web Tour, Results OG, and Maximum Results. Love your channel fellas!!!!!!!!!!! Best out there for ball reviews in my opinion

  13. There will be times when I get the same ball. The balls that I’ve gotten that are the same are OG Hyroad, OG IQ tour and the Phaze2, actually the Phaze2 I picked up 4 of them!!!

  14. I have never had two of the same balls, but what i have done is get a direct successor. I had a pin down Severe Delirium and a pin up Resurgence, both dull hybrids with the same resurgence core. i also took a ball that i originally drilled pin up and plugged and redrilled it to pin down

  15. Won a Widow 2.0, got it drilled pin up and ended up getting damaged after 3 shots (lane damage). Got the ball fixed, but didn’t roll the same so bought a new one, and drilled it pin down. Ended up correcting the issue with the pin up widow, now have 2 of the same ball.

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