31 Comments on “A DAY AT JR PRO SHOP | Behind The Scenes”

  1. I like this as a fun little one off video. Personally speaking, I think seeing one of these kind of behind the scenes videos about once every 6 months would be the sweet spot.

    1. @Kelly McManaway no demand for them its Brunswick family or storm family. Motiv in BC is no where.

  2. I like seeing these fun little side videos of what goes on behind the scenes, and just an overview of what goes on in a day at the shop. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these!

  3. Was that a ball detoxing bath you have in your shop. If so is there a demand for it from your patrons. Of course during normal time.

    1. Yep we do about 2-3 detoxes a week, works really well, can see the water getting dirty which is amazing for the customers to see

    1. Just a small ring light from Home Depot. Has 3 adjustable screws so should fit on most drill presses

  4. Hey u guys I watch all the way from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Y’all videos are awesome!!!!!

  5. Nice to see you all enjoying life a few videos like this would be great, always a joy to see bowlers having fun

  6. I expected Jungo to be standing on a platform outside the shop all oiled up and flexing. Kinda disappointed 😞

  7. Like these kind of vlogs! Keep doing them… u guys rock and help me alot on how to hook the ball more👌

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