Archetype by Track bowling | Full uncut review

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25 Comments on “Archetype by Track bowling | Full uncut review”

  1. Pls do a comparison between these balls: mindset. Archetype. DNA. Super nova . Motiv ambush. Brutal collision. 😊n so on

  2. That ball looks really good. I commented on your DNA review that I had gotten one of those. Seems to match up pretty well against that, maybe even smoother. Maybe I should have taken a deeper look at this ball instead of the DNA. At least it doesn’t smell like strawberry shortcake.

    1. Is the smell bad? Lol I always thought the scented balls of storm was more of a feature than something that detracts from the ball.
      Apparently the IQ tour ruby smells like starburst candy

    1. Because you’re more likely to leave a wrap-10, blower 7, or worse if the pins are flying up and around each other, instead of staying low and straight back into each other.

  3. Just a thought, you changed your grip and ball roll has def gotten more forward and earlier reading, have you tried experimenting with longer pins and like 30-25 drill angles?

  4. Great review, Im glad you mentioned to many balls coming out. I mean I love bowling balls. I have a ton of them, I will never complain their are to many lol, there is just so much good stuff out their coming out so quick its just so hard to choose, in a good fun way. I have about half of the hk22 releases and they are all good, I can’t even choose during league. I feel like I am leaving someone out when I have to choose, in a good way. Thanks for the review

    1. The ball market over-saturation is only a problem because I’m not independently wealthy…🤣🤣

  5. Gosh. Bowling balls are just ALL over the place. Some great out of the box, some great after a bit of shine and sitting, some good in varying degrees of shiny, some good in varying degrees of dull.

  6. Hi JR. Will you please do a comparison of the Mindset, Innovator solid and the Archetype (and maybe the DNA and how that’s different from the rest)
    Thanks 🙏

  7. As a senior getting back into the game 40 some years since I played as a kid, I appreciate seeing how a ball rolls with lower revs even if you’re doing it just to make fun of people like me.🤣
    I got fitted with a 12# Rhino which doesn’t hook much unless it’s pretty dry. Anyone have suggestions what sort of ball characteristics would be a good step up for someone like me with low rev rates and 14-15 mph ball speed?

  8. I’d like to know what ball is stronger , this ball or the New Brunswick mind set ? I’m trying to four what one I want to add to my bag

  9. I picked up an Archetype a couple weeks ago and have a bunch of games on it. Hand on the bible, in 2 weeks I managed to bumped up my 3 game average by 130 points. Totally agree that the ball got better after it soaked up a little oil. After throwing this ball, it seems to me that is should be in every pro bowlers bag for any medium or heavy oil patterns.

  10. Virtually identical to the Paragon except for the weight block being modified. Paragon is the stronger of the two.

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