Asymmetric Hybrid Battle! | Storm Absolute | Bowling Ball Review

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The new Absolute from Storm features a new core and coverstock combo! Is it the best asymmetric hybrid on the market? Watch and find out!

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0:00 – Intro
2:22 – Bowling
7:07 – Question Time with Jungo!
7:26 – More Bowling
9:08 – Summary
12:30 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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21 Comments on “Asymmetric Hybrid Battle! | Storm Absolute | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Not big on soild hybrid pearl. I look at ball reaction and if the ball is consistent or not. If it is able to contribute to strike stings. Remember it’s always the ball never the bowler lol 😆 😂 🤣.

  2. Any opinion on reacta gloss yet? Another ball review has said it gets slimy and squirly.
    Even to the point you are better off taking it 500-1000-1500 then Polish

  3. The absolute almost reminds me of the DV8 Collision tbh. Either that or another DV8 ball, the Intimidator Pearl.

  4. Jungo, you mentioned testing the Absolute against the Dark Code. Have you seen the DC make a stronger move off the back end after a few games on it?

  5. It depends on that day and center for me. Normally solids and pearls. Don’t have many hybrids mostly just the zen soul. Still getting used to it. Just got the zen master. Definitely needed a couple games on it before it started shaping

  6. I don’t mind solid or pearl hybrid ball depending on the oil condition. One of my buddies was telling me about the Storm Absolute. Than I saw pro bowler, Darren Tang bowling that ball. It looks really impressive. I actually want a new reactive solid ball before I consider a hybrid ball.

  7. i just got my x3 a few weeks ago and man is that ball a perfect fit for me. i throw about 15mph and have medium rev rate. my black widdow and night road kept sliding late in the pocket and leaving lots of 10 pins ect. i switched to the x3 and my god….average went up significantly my pin carry is insane…last night i shot a 289 and have been shooting much higher scores…I cant say enough about that ball.

  8. Really like that Shape of the Absolute… Think that’s why my personal preference is Pearl, that long Arc shape is amazing looking

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