BEST COVERSTOCK FOR LOW REV PLAYERS?? | Storm Night Road | Asym vs Sym Pearl Comparison Ball Review

The best ball in the Road series??? Simoo our lower rev player is finally back on the lanes to show off how versatile the new Night Road is! Throwing it against the also recent Infinite Physix, this is a good one!

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0:00 – Intro
3:03 – Carbon 42' (House)
7:37 – Question Time with Simoo!
8:02 – Mercury 40' (Challenge)
11:33 – Summary
14:40 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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23 Comments on “BEST COVERSTOCK FOR LOW REV PLAYERS?? | Storm Night Road | Asym vs Sym Pearl Comparison Ball Review”

  1. I like the infinite Physix a lot the night Road is great because of the cover. My choice is always cover and core & low RG, have some with higher RG, but pads are always good to carry to knock off shine a bit?

    1. Hey Remington, thanks for the comment! We always recommend carrying surfacing pads in your bag, as it gives you more versatility with each ball!

  2. Went to an expo and saw all the new storm brand balls, the night road was by far the best reaction. Seems like it’d be a great ball for every league bowler

  3. I hope it’s not 4 months before Sean’s back! I Really like his take as my game is very similar. As for what I look for in balls, I definitely look for reviews with people that have a similar style to myself and take RG and Asymmetric/symmetric into consideration. Really just starting to pay more attention to cover stock recently.

    1. Same, he and I are very similar, and since he wouldn’t start with either of these balls in league I want to know what ball he’d start with game 1.

  4. Excellent, I believe your represent a similar style to me and many league bowlers, keep hitting the lanes with your reviews. I roll a pin down Infinite Physix, Followed by the Dark Code 4K Fast which is currently my favorite ball, into the Phase II or Wolverine Dark Moss + Step 2 Compound to give it the bite !! Waiting to decide between upcoming Fate or Night Road as the next ball…REX works for me and YOU!

  5. Coverstock by far. It dictates ball reaction substantially more than anything else about the ball.

    It helps if they’re pretty, but it’s not a deciding factor for me.

  6. I love my infinite physix and won a free ball of choice the other day beef and barnsy were recommending I get a ball above my infinite to replace the crux prime or a night road for under my zen so I’m trying to decide which way to go as a 2 hander any opinions and what balls are above the infinite my arsenal is currently
    1 Crux prime
    2 Infinite physix
    3 Zen
    4 HB intensity
    5 Wildstreak
    6 UC3
    7 Hy Road Nano
    8 Hustle HSB
    9 Pitch black


    1. i need a ball to fill a need I have. regardless of brand I need a well rounded setup for the purpose. i have a nice league bag in my damn good verge, nova, and tzone. but I want to expand that for tournaments with a hammer obsession, purple hammy, and a hyped of some sort. i have an old motive graffiti tag that is my weakest ball but it’s 14 lbs and tired.

  7. Hey Simoo! Loved the video. New moon IE bowler here. Watching you throw really resonated with me as I also throw/trying to learn how to throw more straighter with less rev. Definitely need to find a way to learn how to play more inside/middle instead of starting off playing far left (35). Any tips on how to get better at playing inside. Feels like when I do, I gutter or am afraid I will gutter 😂

  8. I pay attention to 3 things. Numbers, Cover and what I need to fill my gaps in my bag. When I get a new ball, I usually want it to fill either a minor gap or a major gap in the bag, so that tells me what I need to get. But I look at the cover and core numbers to know if it’ll match my game pretty well. Balls that are low rg low diff, low rg high diff and mid rg high diff work very well and I migrate to more smooth covers. I don’t like balls that are mid diff cause I feel with how I roll the ball they become too over under but HyRoads are the only acceptable ones cause they somehow fit my game.

  9. The thing is I’m about to buy my first two balls and I don’t know what to do. I usually bowl on a 44ft house pattern with 6.75:1 oil ratio. I’d like a strike ball that I can use for spares as well so I don’t need a plastic ball, but I only throw 12/13 pounds. What would you recommend? Great video as always 💪

  10. I picked up this ball after throwing it at a demo. Out of all the mid range pearls, the night road looked the best on a burnt up house shot for me. I’ve also thrown it on a few shorter sport patterns and had success.

  11. I do like that you guys take the time to explain the way these balls compliment your individual style. As well the way that it may translate to someone else’s game

  12. Definitely more of the backend and the reaction if someone has the bal and it’s one of my friends I’ll throw it and see if it matches up with my game.

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