BEST DRY LANE BALL FOR 2 HANDERS?? | Radical Rattler vs Phaze II | Bowling Ball Review

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A special review with Jimoo throwing the new Radical Rattler! Featuring the S.H.A.R.P Solid Coverstock and the Rattler Core, Jimoo compares it to his trusty Phaze II.

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0:00 – Intro
1:35 – Bowling
4:47 – Summary
6:00 – Question Time with Jimoo
6:17 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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26 Comments on “BEST DRY LANE BALL FOR 2 HANDERS?? | Radical Rattler vs Phaze II | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Thanks for the content as always!! The staff at my pro shop let me try out their night road on a burned lane and it was amazing!!! Night road might be the one ball in my wishlist that I really want!!! The P2 is also my go to/benchmark ball! Not sure if you’ve said this in previous videos but what layout do you use for your P2?

  2. The ball that caught my eye this year and got to throw at a ball demo was the exotic gem I want to get one so bad it was my favorite ball at the ball demo

  3. A ball that came out this year that I would probably want the most would be the Zen you You’re a thing about I think it looks incredible although it does have a lot of hook potential for urethane ball maybe too much for what I want so I think the ball that I really want is an older ball the Rubicon UC3 that or a purple hammer urethane

  4. The infinite physix is what’s on my list. I threw one at a demo day and fell in love with it, but needed a later ball at the time.

    1. I need something to go down from my phaze2/ idol cosmos. Thinking maybe a night road or wolverine dark moss

  5. I’m torn between a nice fit for my current arsenal (Reality Check) & one I just want because I love everything about it (Infinite Physix).

  6. The ball that was on my wishlist until today when I picked it up is the Radical Innovator. On the house shot it’s good but I’m really looking forward to see how it looks for me on a sport shot.

  7. I have a venom. My kid thinks I should trade it in for the rattler though. I was kinda looking at the Phase 2 or maybe the stealth. But I need to replace a solid asym first. We’ll see. Great stuff guys.

  8. Hey Jimoo the ball from 2022 that I wish I could’ve got is the Phase 2, the ball that was released in 2022 that I wish I bought would be the Storm Fate. 15 lbs

  9. I’ve been having a hard time with everything hooking really early lately so I actually got a hyroad pearl as an early Christmas present. My hyroad is one of my favorite balls, so I’m excited to see how the pearl version rolls in comparison. I’m going to drill it to hook much later and sharper than the original, so it should be a good compliment.

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