Best hybrid ball ever? Polaris Hybrid by Ebonite | Full uncut review

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22 Comments on “Best hybrid ball ever? Polaris Hybrid by Ebonite | Full uncut review”

  1. I’m not sure about the best hybrid ever cause that Columbia Speed, Aero Dynamix and even the new Reality Check are really good hybrids as well. Of course there are plenty of other great hybrids out there as well

  2. I can’t speak to this ball, but I have the regular ebonite Polaris, and it is a stellar bowling ball. Hits the pins like a truck

  3. I’m excited to see this compared to the Quantum Evo hybrid because they have the same colors and are both hybrids. But this ball makes a strong case for me to want to get it!! 🔥

  4. My favorite Ebonite ball was my XXXCEL. Just rolled really well for me. Sadly it cracked in half on me.

  5. The paradox was my favorite. Now the paragon hybrid is coming out…can’t wait to see that ball in action

  6. Audio fixed JR, now on both channels. Thank you.
    Wow! This Polaris rolls so wonderfully. I think the new layout is Gold for you JR.

  7. My all time favorite Ebonite ball by far, is the original Game Breaker, which I STILL use regularly to this day. Ball is like a cheat code. Fifteen years old, with easily over a thousand games on it. Never resurfaced and only de-oiled once a year. Ball is in great shape and still has plenty of life in it. Extremely versatile on so many patterns I’ve bowled on over the years. My only regret is not buying a second one back then.

    1. that’s amazing, I have to de-oil all my solids and hybrids in a hot bucket of soapy water after every session or they die.

    2. @machine thesun I swear this ball could go another thousand games if it wanted. Ridiculous longevity. My sport shot league I bring a few other balls with it, but my house shot league it’s the only ball I bring. I can use it all three games no problem. A good portion of my arsenal actually consists of pieces from the 2000’s. So many good balls from that era that can still hold their own.

  8. 4:26 – JR, gonna need you to upload the other camera angle here, mate. I’m not yet up-to-speed regarding this bias ting – and it seems like we’ve missed out, gonna need to see where you was pointing. If you can get that posted by Tuesday, that would be great. cheers.

  9. My favorite ebonite ever was the original choice, but I agree on the One, and also the original Gamebreaker, I Seen alot of people shoot high scores with that one back in the day

  10. Man these hybrids are killing me I don’t know which to choose they all look so good, the Nova, the reality check, zen soul, this Polaris, the Evo hybrid, and the Rst x3 and Paragon hybrid coming out next month.. 🤯🤯

  11. I’ve only had two Ebonite bowling balls and they were the Earl Anthony Magnum 7 (shiny rubber) and the Earl Anthony Magnum 12 (urethane). So my favorite is the Mag 12. Keep up the good work Mr. Raymond

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