Black pearl treasure by SWAG | Full uncut review with JR Raymond

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14 Comments on “Black pearl treasure by SWAG | Full uncut review with JR Raymond”

  1. I have both in my bag and I will be using them a lot over the next few leagues. I have my bloody ocean drilled 50x5x20 and my treasure is 55x4x35

  2. I am ordering this tomorrow and another incredible just became a Californi bowling area pro staffer. I got a bloody ocean going to make this one alittle more agreasive

  3. I wanna see u do a review on the new venom ball I have the venom shock but not the venom blue coral! its new

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  5. 5:25 artisticas son unos CUMPUSSYY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Saludos desdee la Cd. de world 🌹😉💖

  6. 16:40 That outfit drives me Sweetlovee.Monster nuts on you and you have that curvy body. You did a good job modelingx it too. Also like the last outfit 20:11.. Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and sheer top

  7. I have the Black Pearl Bloody Ocean, and like you, love that ball and it’s non stop motion. I just picked up the Treasure, and will have it drilled as close to the Bloody Ocean as I can. I’m so glad we now have the PBA approved version of that ball.

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  9. I have the Bloody ocean, 2 300’s and first 800. Love it. Buying the ball this week.

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