Black Widow Ghost by Hammer | Full Review with JR Raymond

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15 Comments on “Black Widow Ghost by Hammer | Full Review with JR Raymond”

  1. I like the side layout explaining what your doing. Your videos are getting better with your content as well. Thanks JR

  2. I’m a two handed bowler with a really high rev rate and just picked up a ghost. This ball is teaching me a lot about what I’m doing wrong for sure. I tend to play high rev and come around the ball more. I was playing with a storm tropical surge, so even coming around I was playing around 10 boards. With my new widow, I am playing around 25 boards with a break point around 10 and still hitting Brooklyn more than not. Now I need to work on control of my release to fully utilize this very strong ball. I’m excited to learn. Though you can’t deny how satisfying it is to watch a ball whip back at nearly a 90 degree angle and destroy the pins.

    Editing to add, I used a video I took and the storm charts to find I have roughly a 16.36 balls speed and 528 rev rate.

    1. I’m a 2 hander as well and I have the same experience with my first ball. I’ve only had it for a couple months and I was getting really discouraged because it seemed as no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to hook enough to not play straight. After a lot of back and forth with friends and the pro shop owner, I realized I have to work on getting under the ball more and my release in general. Now I’m getting more comfortable with my ball and I’m realizing sometimes it’s not the ball or the lane but what adjustments you need to mAke.

  3. Am getting this ball pretty soon really excited to use this ball very soon it will be my first black widow bowling ball

  4. Another good video JR 🙂 I had a thought though. You said that the Ghost would be better for those with a lower rev rate, or even a really high rev rate. Maybe Dr. G should give this ball a review too? I think it would be a good comparison between the different rev rates. Just my opinion of course 🙂

  5. I’m liking these two different camera angles this is cool. Keep it up looking good enjoying the content.

  6. Now I’m rethinking my desire for the UC3. Lol. Might add this and an Obsession solid to compliment the Obsession Tour Pearl in the bag.

    Hammer is definitely forcing me to learn to bowl better, and it is working. In 3 weeks I went from struggling at 130’s (after a 7 year hiatus) to now struggling at 190’s and I’m getting better every time i hit the lanes. I’m hoping to make the cut next Saturday, but certainly will be making the TOC at the end of the sweeper series and should do well at another tournament the following week.

  7. I have the Hybrid the Overseas and love it as well as the Overseas Purple…Not sure I need the Ghost… 😉

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