Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl | Release Video

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Introducing the Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl!

With the unprecedented success of the Purple Hammer and ever-growing demand of more urethane product, we’re excited to offer this incredible ball to the Hammer line.

The Black Widow Urethane brings a more aggressive urethane option into your arsenal thanks to the Gas Mask asymmetrical core. With an RG of 2.50, differential of 0.058 and intermediate of 0.016, this urethane ball will create more track flare and will traction better when lanes are slicker.

The Urethane Pearl coverstock is finished with 360/800 SiaAir Micro Pad finish for ultimate traction and strong, sweeping motion down the lane.

Compared to the Purple Hammer, you’ll see a stronger and smoother ball motion and be able to cover more boards.

The Black Widow Urethane is available 02.25.2022!

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3 Comments on “Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl | Release Video”

  1. i stil wonder why its pink. for loooong time playrs asked for purple black widow from asia to come to us marked and when we get its pink. sure it might roll good and dont look bad at all, but why? the OG BVP looked great in purple

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