30 Comments on “Bowling Ball Layout Differences | Triangle Grip | WHY IS IT ILLEGAL??”

  1. I’ve seen the triangle layout a few times. They can be really useful here where bowling balls cost years of work and are not very accessible at all. The only reason I don’t use it is because the USBC rules apply in higher-level competition here too and also I wouldn’t be able to use pitches. (I normally use 1 inch reverse).

  2. I have three layouts that I like: Pin-up ( about an 1.5 inches about the ring finger), a stronger layout with the pin just right of the ring finger (and up about 1/2 inch) and a short pin layout, about 2.25 inches right of the ring finger.

    1. @TerryBollea1 a full roller tracks between the thumb and fingers. I track to the left of the middle finger.

    2. @JP Smith a 2 inch pin is SHORT for you, yet your not a full roller. Ok m8 whatever ya say me son😂😉😂😂

    3. @TerryBollea1 so, you don’t know what a full roller is, I see. I would suggest you look up the definition. Mo Pinel did a great video on YouTube that explains it. However, there are plenty of resources that actually explain it.

    4. @JP Smith Mos dead, and Im not the 12 year old trying to pick a fight me son😂. I gotta get to bed, bait ya later.

    5. Hey JP it seems like Terry is a few bricks short of a load lol. What you are doing makes sense, I do something similar with my layouts for tournament play. And you’re right terry needs to learn what full roller means haha

  3. Great vid as always guys but quick questions- how do I get my alley to oil my lane? Usually when I get there, the lanes are far too transitioned for me to avoid Brooklyn. I also want to try to bowl on a sport pattern but all alleys near me have a house pattern already on the lanes. Is there any way I could request it to be oiled?

    1. Yea just ask the front counter, you might have to tip 😉 you could also find out when they oil lanes and show up at that time for the fresh

  4. Usually, use 60x4x20, or one that places the pin under my bridge.

    Try to keep the first for bigger assym stuff/some bigger core syms/some lower diff balls.

    Generally place the pin under my bridge one weaker assym/lower diff syms. Web Tour with the pin under my bridge is still nasty.

  5. Most of my equipment is either pin-up or pin-down, however, I don’t know the exact numbers for the layouts. The next ball I’m getting, which is a Brunswick Prism Solid, I’m going to have a Rico layout. Never had a ball like that, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works.

  6. Think this is fitting that you used a radical ball for this and the late Mo Pinel would have approved #Mopey

    1. @JR Pro Shop my eye actually likes the pin down/right. Kill the polish and that might be something worth keeping around for the cliff

  7. All I see are Barks blue eyes! I made it awkward, didn’t I? 🤷‍♀️. Anyway, I keep the same layout depending on asymm of symm.

  8. As I’ve gotten older my ball speed has dropped some. My track tends to be low, but I’ve been working on getting it higher. A longer pin to PAP distance seems to help me get the ball into a roll at a better place with regard to the pocket and using a little higher VAL angle seems to make the ball easier to control. Been using Storm’s VLS spreadsheet to check their recommendations before doing anything else. My local pro shop owner is great to work with. Continue learning about layouts and your video helps today. Thanks guys!

  9. Interesting video. This has always been my counter argument to people who complain about the no balance hole rule. I’ve never actually seen a comparison of someone throwing the triangle grip from each possible orientation, though.

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