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    1. @Nintendo Bowler Idk, if I can’t high five after a strike or spare, i don’t know if it is even worth it lol. Jk i’d totally still go

    2. Preston Shader it’s my second ball. It’s a “beginner” Ebonite. Not sure what model offhand. My first ball I got when I was like 12 or something so the holes on that ball are awful. But I’m just wanting to get back into bowling so I didn’t want to put too much into my “first” ball.

    3. @Preston Shader you can as long as you wash your hands immediately afterwards or at least use bunch of hand sanitizer

  1. Great video. Would be nice to see the reactive ball thrown in the same spot as the line used with the urethane when it struck.

  2. This video teaches in 7 minutes what took me a month to learn on my own. Good ole trial and error approach. All points in this video are true.

  3. Hi Brad and Kyle I feel this is helpful and the advice will help me choose an new ball whenever I’m ready to do that by the way today is my birthday

  4. How many of you guys can remember drilling that first resin ball back in the early 90s and thinking, “5th range finder, here I come”.

  5. brad: urethane has less hitting power, weak 10s everywhere blah blah
    jesper svensson: haha urethane go boom boom

    1. How many one handers have a 600 rev rate like the Iceman? I would say you can count one one had the number of one handers 550rpm or better.

  6. Not really., The ractive ball reacts to the DRY. It’s also urethane but with a resin additive that makes the surface porous and grab the lane sooner, while the plain urethane will keep the oil on the surface and does not grab the dry as much (unless the urethane is a lot softer than regulations allow) The urethane also carry that more surface oil into the dry.

  7. I would love a video on arm swing angle. I see so many pros’ arms release what looks like left but the ball obviously starts to the right and hooks back and I can’t quite comprehend what to focus on.

  8. How are you guys at the bowling alley? I thought they were pretty much closed down for Covid-19 reasons.

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