20 Comments on “Bowling Release | Axis Tilt | WHAT IS IT?”

  1. This was really well done. I still find it hard to visualize the difference between axis tilt and rotation though. A 3D visual would be helpful.

  2. Mo Pinel used to say you could cange tilt with your pitches. Thank you for putting out some of the best bowling videos I’ve seen on YouTube btw! Awesome stuff

  3. Good lessons. I have high tilt, almost spinner. Been working to get it lower. Got the wrist restrictor which helped force me from coming over top of the ball. I’m actually getting the ball to get into a halfway decent roll. Ball reaction has improved. Haven’t measured the tilt.

  4. ever since i switched to 2 handed this has been my achilles heel… I’m so close, if not, tracking over my middle finger. Been working with my pro shop a lot to get it off the middle, any recommendations? We rolled the pitches a bit, wondering if I should do more

  5. I work with Mo pinel at one point and he measured me at 3 degrees of tilt. I tend to hit my thumb on all my bowling balls so I have to avoid throwing pin down weak equipment

  6. I got made fun of for having a lot of axis tilt the other day. Whats funny, is I wasn’t even trying to crank the ball either. Now I see why. Is there a pitch adjustment I can make to “force” my hand to stay up the back more on the release?

  7. So higher tilt players should get strong asymmetrical balls with strong layouts, and lower tilt should look at middle tier symmetrical balls? What about bowlers in the mid range?

  8. Thank you for the nod to Classic Full Rollers. There are still some of us old timers out here!
    As a Classic Full Roller I have zero tilt and a 90 degree axis rotation.

  9. It was probably covered in part 1 but I’m lazy today and was just curious where the tapes goes on the ball to measure hour tilt and rotation? It’s across your PAP, right?

  10. Sooo yeahh… I have the suckiest highest axis tilt ever… I spin the ball like a badass af Beyblade!!! hahahahah Thats why my PSO suggested my arsenal should be 4 Asymmetrical balls, 1 Symmetrical and my spare ball. Congrats on the channel all the way from Mexico, you guys make the best bowling videos!

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