24 Comments on “Brunswick Stellar | Bowling Ball Review | CRAZY BACKEND??”

  1. I forgot to mention in the video that both the Stellar and Hero Solid were drilled pin in the ring finger 4”x50

  2. I’d love to see a return of the “Bell-Cap” core found in the Brunswick Demolition Zone of 20 yrs ago. I loved the way that ball reacted for me.

  3. Just drilled a Web Pearl and a Stellar last night. Can’t wait to get them out on the lanes. If Brunswick could bring back the Mastermind Core or the C300 Eruption Pro Core that would be great.

    1. The wicked ranks in my top 5 Brunswick balls of all time. I’d love to see that core back with an updated cover

  4. you guys should come at a higher angle for watching the ball go down the lane… like an over head view to see on the lane where it breaks better, while knowing the pattern… other than that i think these videos are always great

  5. Luke , BowlerX and Tanner Bowling are good channels. But my favorite is JR pro shop. Keep up the great content 🤟

  6. Hi Brando — How would you compare the Melee Jab Blood Red and the Stellar? I still use my Fanatic when I need to get farther downlane and am looking to replace it with something new.

    1. I actually threw a few balls with my blood red on the burn that didn’t make the final cut of this video. The jab blood red gets into a roll sooner and is less responsive down the lane

      This ball is definitely a step up from the fanatic and will be less sensitive to oil

  7. So has anyone Arsenal changed this year with all the new bowling balls you guys talk about I figured one might get added

  8. I’d love to see the 2 piece from the the zones and man that ball that pattern moved like it was on a remote control

    1. Our house is using a new lane cleaner which definitely helped the cause, but I am seeing a similar amount of back end motion to my Zenith Pearl

    2. @Brandon Riley must be technique than love my pearl but mine gives me a strong c shape not snappy at all the motion u get on that stellar is similar to what I get on my incognito pearl

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