24 Comments on “Brunswick Twist vs Rhino | Best Selling Bowling Balls | NOT JUST FOR BEGINNERS??”

  1. General question I have: How would you compare the axiom pearl to the Phaze III, they feel similar but different when I throw them both drilled on the same layout. 2 handed by the way

  2. I had the teal Rhino back in the 90’s. It was a great ball and a really unique color at the time.

  3. I really appreciate getting the perspectives from the Imoo brothers. I love watching Jungo’s game, but I will not be able to physically replicate it. I won’t be able to throw as hard as him, or generate nearly the same rev rate. I’m not nearly the bowler that Sean is, but his style of play is more realistic for me to attempt to replicate on the lanes. So, its nice to get his perspective on which balls work well for his game.

  4. I have probably one of the Original Rhinos. ’85. This ball is older than my little sister…lol. It still smacks the pins

  5. I currently have a red/white/blue Twist at the bottom of my bag. And have had the black/green/orange Rhino in the past, and loved it. The Rhino is always my recommendation to someone asking about of good beginner ball. And I’ve had old school Rhinos… the Teal Rhino Pro, Rhino Pro LE and Rhino RE… as well as a Gold Rhino VIntage.

  6. My first ball was a Green Sparkle Rhino. Pretty neat ball. My Dad used his Teal Rhino every league up until he passed away

  7. Another great video i have only really bowled Storm balls would be nice to try some thing else

  8. Gold and Purple Rhino Pros as a kid, had a Cobalt urethane for short oil while I still threw 16lbs and the Vintage Gold remake a few years back

  9. Great vid guys!! Never owned a Rhino but my brother had a Purple Rhino Pro reactive years ago. Any chance Barks reviews the new Radical The Spy or give the upcoming Max Results ball a go? More curious to see how The Spy rolls with it’s plastic cover and weight block, wonder if it’ll be straight enough to shoot spares with. lol

    1. The Maximum Results certainly looks intriguing. Brandon is gonna do a review of The Spy. He has something really cool in mind for that video!

  10. No Rhino here, but I do own a gold/black Twist. When the lanes become dry as the Sahara Desert, it’s the perfect ball for me. Drilled pin down with 2000 sanding on it.

  11. I do have a rhino and it’s the blue and silver pearl cover stock and I really like it sometimes it’s the first ball out of my bag

  12. the twist is my spare ball.
    also having the imoo brothers review the balls is good it gives a one and two handed perspective.

  13. Been thinking of a lower end ball for when the lanes are toasty, and I’m thinking you’ve got me sold on a Rhino!

  14. I have the blue silver and black rhino. It has my highest game thrown even though I have moved to higher end balls. Still throw it now and then.

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