Carbide Tank by Motiv | Full uncut review

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17 Comments on “Carbide Tank by Motiv | Full uncut review”

  1. This ball and layout mightve been the key to bowling good at Century Bowl last month! I had an off day, but felt that none of my balls were right for that pattern and transition!

  2. I know the front angle in a dual angle layout for a symmetrical core doesn’t matter as much as it use to since we don’t use balance holes anymore BUT hearing you use 125 as a first angle, “now that does put a smile on my face😁 “

    1. @TheVlad1616 nope, you can make the angles as big as you want. 90 was the typical (Max) suggested by Mo Pinel. It can keep things from getting “too interesting/crazy ” if you stay within those margins BUT you can totally go against the grain and make em bigger or smaller than suggested.

  3. Excellent ball review, thank you very much, JR Raymond. I have to try this layout on one of my reactive balls 😊

  4. The timing of this video is wild. Last Tuesday I measured the layout of all of my balls, one from juniors – 16lb Columbia300 Big Bully. It was laid out for me when I was young not using the duel angle tech but measured out to 126d x 3.5” x 68d and it’s a low angle monster. You just justified the crazy large first angle. Thanks!

  5. i’ve been waiting for this for a lonnnggg time, anyways can you compare this ball to the other tanks and the purple hammer urethane

  6. I really like the look of that ball with that layout. Smooth and rolly. What more could a bowler want out of a strong ball?

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