Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl | Bowling Ball Review | WHAT NOT TO DO ON A HOUSE SHOT!!

This Eruption Pearl creates a strong snap in the backend of the lane. Brando is back comparing this ball from Columbia 300 to the famous Hammer Obsession Tour Gold. How do they compare??

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0:00 – Intro
1:47 – Bowling
5:38 – Question Time with Brando
5:59 – More Bowling
8:07 – Summary
11:23 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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24 Comments on “Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl | Bowling Ball Review | WHAT NOT TO DO ON A HOUSE SHOT!!”

  1. The biggest differences between the old one and this one is that EBI liked using higher grits under their polish which made them really squirty out of the box. I like the fact the new stuff is coming at 1500 grit under the polish. The balls seem to roll more true and surfaces easier to duplicate on the spinner. How would this compare to the Spectre?

    1. The Spectre seems to get through the fronts a bit easier, probably due to the higher RG core it has. The Resurgence core in the Eruption is supposed to a very rolly type core, but that didn’t seem to be the case here. The Eruption would probably be better for transition (games 2-4) and the Spectre better for later on in the day when the lanes get burnt up

  2. I currently use a Storm, 900 Global, Motiv, & Pyramid. I have used Elite, Hammer, Columbia 300, Morich, Ebinite & Brunswick. I don’t care what ball I use, as long as the numbers are right. Otherwise, after watching some Swag ball reviews, that’s the brand I’d like to try next.

  3. I currently use storm Hammer rg and a 900 zen but I do have the og eruption it’s old n beat up but still gets the job done definitely want to get this one I would definitely love to try motiv but I’m curious what storm or rg could be compared to this

    1. What do you mean ? Most balls work for most people. Belmo throws almost everything. Maybe some balls don’t work for you because of bad layouts or wrong conditions.

  4. I have been following you guys and enjoyed every review but I really haven’t seen you review any Radical balls and I have been leaning toward them after trying it over Storm and Globals.

  5. Currently throwing Hammer and Roto grip. Im kind of curious to throw 900 global and motiv bowling balls. I want to see if it compliment my style 🤔

  6. 1:13 So much shade, my phone screen dimmed a little.

    Been looking to try out Roto Grip. Actually got a Rubicon that I’m getting drilled up soon. Looking forward to it.

  7. would love to try C300 i havent rolled on since the boss titanium back in the mid to late 90’s really loved that ball

  8. Currently throwing a C300 Savage and a couple of Hammer BWs. Ebonite Mission 2.0 and Hammer Emerald Vibe before that. Would love to try Storm/Roto/900G, and may be purchasing the Nova soon. Would love to try Brunswick, but not real keen on what I’ve seen from them.

  9. Sitting on a 900 G Honey badger Revival and haven’t tried DV8 or Columbia yet. If Big Bowling would match the colors with the pictures, i would try them.

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