Columbia 300 Power Torq | Bowling Ball Review | OLD NAME BETTER BALL??

JR Pro Shop Vids has not reviewed a ball from Columbia 300 since the Chaos Black (our first video). Barks is back ready to throw the new Power Torq vs the Damn Good Verge.

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0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Bowling
6:03 – Summary

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21 Comments on “Columbia 300 Power Torq | Bowling Ball Review | OLD NAME BETTER BALL??”

  1. Got the Zen and the Reality and love them both! 900 Global definitely has a spot in my bag now! So happy they are part of Storm Products now because I’ve always thrown Storm and loved their stuff too!

  2. My first real bowling ball was a storm Phaze III. I know its not nearly as beloved as the Phaze II, but I freaking loved that ball and it made storm my go to brand for a few years. I have only recently branched out into Hammer and Motiv.

  3. Got a used Tropical Breeze as my first ever bowling ball and I’ve been loyal to Storm ever since 👌🏽🌩

  4. Storm Street Rod. For sure. Right now loving the Axiom. Just put a Phaze 2 in the bag. My favorite ball is my 900 Global Honey Badger Black Pearl.

  5. Got a tactics hybrid as my second ball ever 2 years ago and ever since then I’ve thrown almost all track recently.

  6. When I first started bowling I got a Snap Lock and used only Storm/Roto up until I got my Hero Solid, and now I’m using only Magnificent 7 equipment but I strongly favor hammer ever since my Black Widow.

  7. I got an storm intense fire a few years ago and that hooked me onto storm. Brunswick brands seem to be too smooth for me, and I like pop down lane since I’m Rev dominant. Since then I had to get another R3S formula ball so I got the phaze III and about a year later got the phaze II

  8. Phaze II got me hooked on Storm for life. Everything I have drilled from them has been amazing since getting the Phaze II 4-5 years ago.

  9. Snap lock and Sure lock definitely hooked me into Storm equipments, Halo and Idol Pearl from Roto Grip, and White Hot Badger from 900 global! Awesome equipments, loved them <3

  10. Would the Power Torq be a nice transition ball down and fit in between the Proof Hybrid and Pearl? Anyway the Danger Zone got me hooked on Brunswick as a junior and high school bowler in the late 90s.

  11. Green Gargoyle got me hooked on Visionary back in the day. Before Visionary; the Cuda got me hooked on Columbia. After Visionary went under; I went back to Columbia and got a Deep Freeze and Violent Eruption. Since then, I have also picked up a Beast and Messenger.

  12. I got the hyroad pearl back when it first released and I’ve been hooked on storm ever since. Only balls I got that aren’t storm are the purple hammer and a white dot diamond. Storm has always been good to me

    1. I love my Hyroad Pearl. I remember when I got it I hated it because I had to get it heavier than the ball I was throwing. I would throw house balls over it. Now that I’ve come back to bowling after a hiatus it’s my favorite ball I own. It’s reliable as hell.

  13. My first Brunswick ball was the vintage phantom and I got my first 300 first game out of the box with it, since then I’ve started to get more Brunswick balls. Your guys review on the rhino sold me and I just got my second 300 last week with it.

  14. I started with the motiv jackal ghost, loved it. However it did start splitting underneath the lettering. I recently purchased a hammer infamous & the rotogrip rst-x2 and I’m in love with both of them as well. Not hooked on a particular brand. But the equipment that best suits me.

  15. I got a Proton Physix and now I’m hooked on Storm balls, I just got a Dark Codes not too long ago. As a highschool bowler these balls are insanely good

  16. My first “real” bowling ball was a red and black Tropical Storm. Since then I’ve only owned Storm Balls. I easily bought into the fact that they smell good.

    Edit: Reading these comments makes me realize that Storm is insanely popular.

  17. I when Brunswick made the ebi transition Columbia hasn’t really had to many great pieces unfortunately. I was primarily a C300 guy since 2000. But now with all the brands of Brunswick I have ventured off and really found some great pieces out of the brands. This Power Torq is the most impressive ball they have had in at least decade. Hope to see more great pieces coming soon.

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