Columbia 300 | Top Speed

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The new Columbia 300 Top Speed is the first Columbia 300 ball to feature the exciting HK22 base coverstock. The Columbia 300 additives from the Formula 1 cover were combined with the HK22 base material, creating a shiny pearl version of the high-performing Speed, and now offers easier length and more recovery.

The difference in balls tested with previously used materials versus the new HK22 base was incredibly different and created excitement with the ball testers and development team. Our testers experienced more forgiveness when they missed, which they felt created a great advantage when throwing the new Top Speed versus competitive products.

The Top Speed is available starting 11.18.2022!

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4 Comments on “Columbia 300 | Top Speed”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling Columbia 300 with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  2. Awesome, I have the speed, using it oob finish with a medium strength drilling, bowling on a oily 45ft flat gutter to gutter pattern. Standing righthanded 25 board hitting 3rd arrow

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