Coral blue venom by Motiv | Full Uncut Review

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23 Comments on “Coral blue venom by Motiv | Full Uncut Review”

  1. Curious as to how the Gear APG would be with the Turmoil MFS cover like the Shock has instead of the Coercion MFS cover on the Recoil. Needless to say, this Blue Coral is on the top of my “to buy” list.

  2. Picking mine up today. I have to say the rip cord and odyssey are the main balls Iā€™m using rite now and loving them. 3 – 300s and 2 – 800s between them since Feb this year. Love the videos and your channels. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Been waiting for this video, ordered mine from you guys complete with drilling, chomping at the bit to get it in my hands. Thank you for your candor and content Jr. Looking forward to what you have to say about that Blue Tank on the ball return in the video.

  4. the swag incredible is the most forgiving ball I have ever thrown the ball is amazing. now I have there big bro burn up. hoping they come out with a new version of bloody ocean or joker wild

  5. I throw all MOTIV and really like all of their stuff. I bowl at two different houses one has a heavy house shot and the other is a little drier. The Venom Shock and Trident Nemesis work well at one house and the Trident Odyssey and Forge Flare work well for me at the other.

  6. I like my Zen Master since I bought it at the ball demo and bowl my higest series with it was a 776. I would like to see a ZEN SOUL ball review when you can do a ball review video when you can.

  7. Other than the Toxin, the rest of the Venom balls were very situational. This ball was 749,749, 790 (w/300) first 3 series oob. 676 in a high friction house in 3rd house I struggle at. Would have been 700 if I hadn’t derp’d 2 10pin and 6-10

  8. You know what would be cool to see is drilling two of the same ball and do your typical 45 by 4.5 by 45 and the other do a 45 by 4.5 by 20 and compare the reactions. We know what the difference is just how much of a difference would be cool to watch and gauge.

  9. I’ve been throwing the supra for about 2 months now. I love the motion down lane and smoothness of it. One of my favorite balls i’ve had.

  10. Hope to get one next week when I am at your clinic. šŸ˜‰ Depends on your feedback on my game and how it fits in my bag though. I love my Recoil though. šŸ˜€

  11. I don’t really throw Motiv pieces, but this one impressed me during a demo session last week. I really like the shape it gave me off the spot. This might be my first Motiv ball ever in twenty years of bowling.

  12. I have a suggestion for your ball review videos. Not everyone šŸ™‹ knows what you’re talking about when you just give the dimensions of the layout. You have a thumb nail of the ball on the screen. Why not have a picture of the drilled ball so people can actually see what the layout is? I for one would find that helpful.

    1. The way a layout looks on a ball is going to change based on your PAP location so a 40×4.5×40 for him would look different than a 40×4.5×40 for you. He has a video where he tells you his PAP. I forget how far right it is, his is ā…œ up I’m pretty sure where mine is ā…œ down. Layouts are based on PAP location to his pin would be Ā¾ higher than mine if I know what I’m talking about

  13. JR references a review of this ball on a 48 foot pattern…. but i can’t find it. Does anyone see a link to that video?

  14. Need to get a new ball. I was thinking Storm Nova but this looks sweet. How do they compare? I don’t have that strong of a hook.

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