Do this and create more power bowling

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19 Comments on “Do this and create more power bowling”

  1. It’s just like working out if it’s pain your doing something wrong. There’s a guy on my team that uses all this tape and mess I keep telling him his ball isn’t right but ppl don’t listen

  2. Finally some actual clarification to what “getting under the ball” is and the PROPER mechanics for it. MUCH appreciated.

    1. Yeah I have had her watch a few of them. This came right on time. She is having release issues. Someone told she had to twist her wrist to make it curve. Problem is she ends up going way too far over the ball and ball never builds up any energy trying to fix its rotation.

  3. Just last night I refined my game to finally fully grasp this concept. The ball feels weightless at the bottom of the swing, it floats across the “flat spot” of the swing as the thumb is coming out and the ball beginning to rotate off the hand. I struggled finding the right ball in the bag, and the right zone for the ball, but once I figured out the bottom of the swing, I was striking with every ball, regardless of the zone. My speed went up and I was more relaxed from the start of the approach thru the release. I didn’t lose any revs at all and the power is going in the right direction preventing early mid lane reactions allowing for more direct angles to the spot.

  4. JR — Great video as always. Really like the simplicity and straight forwardness of your teaching. Side Note — Really impressed and enjoyed seeing the Cross on your wall. Don’t know if it was intentional or not but God Bless either way!

  5. Thanks for another interesting video. Everyone knows someone in league, who throws a few shots and gives up. They do the same thing over and over again, and have no results. Then they jinxed themselves and have a horrible night. I never give up, and am always looking for the best strategy to succeed.

  6. I totally agree with this though I haven’t practiced enough to replicate it and do it consistently. It’s not about strength. You got guys on the tour like EJ tackett who is not a big guy by any means and still manages to put 500+revs on a ball. That’s nuts.

  7. Just look at EJ Tackett. He weighs about 130lbs soaking wet. It’s all technique not muscle. When the ball acts as a pendulum it becomes weightless at the bottom.

  8. If the ball is actually free-falling from the apex of the back swing, and the apex is timed with the push/pivot step, your shoulder/arm/hand are essentially just along for the ride and are applying zero force to the ball. Getting your hand under the ball just should be effortless if this is the case, since you are literally doing nothing else with those muscles. If you are muscling the swing in any way, shape or form, you will not be able to execute the modern release correctly.

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