7 Comments on “Do you believe rev rate comes from strength?”

  1. There is a way if you have the right form/technique to do it with minimal strength and mostly gravity and timing. Not saying it’s easy, but it’s true, and it’s an additional option to old school full cupped releases.

  2. I felt the whip of the wrist while bowling 20 yrs ago and stopped bowling until recently and have been seaching for more revs ever since. I’m a speed dominant lefty and want to increase rev rate. I tried cupping the wrist but it felt awkward and difficult. But then I looked at the league bowlers with High Revs, most cupped their wrist at the top of the back swing and held it (or came close) until they whipped it at release. I’m gonna keep practicing the technique and watching more videos like this. Thank you for your knowledge sir. Word.

  3. I say this.. if it was true that revs ONLY come from a good technique then why dont we have PWBA Bowlers who throw like 500 Revs one handed??
    Why do most of them throw between 200-350? Because in order to create a lot of Revs you need both imo.. I say its about 60% Technique and 40% Strength.
    i mean i think i throw two handed (around 420-460 Revs) and i cant get any higher than that because my technique sucks. I dont lack the strength but i just cant figure out how to create more revs two handed. One handed i throw like 300 AT MOST..^^ So yeah its hard… Bowling is not easy.. But its just so much fun.. 😀

  4. lol… two handers don’t use their upper body… the dynamics of the swing require it.

    One of the many reasons I’m trying to pump put content about proper two handed method.

    Keep it up JR!

  5. You want the truth about why coaches aren’t teaching it?

    Because the official USBC material you study for coaching certs have so much outdated material in will make your head spin.

    I went through the bronze material over the summer to get certified and I was absolutely shocked at how out of date it all was.

    To teach modern technique, you have to do your own research to understand it.

    I’m dealing with the same thing in the youth leagues I coach in. I try to teach modern method and the other coaches try to teach old method.

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