Do you squeeze your bowling ball too much? | Are you forced to squeeze because of your fit?

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19 Comments on “Do you squeeze your bowling ball too much? | Are you forced to squeeze because of your fit?”

  1. If the ball falls off your hand when it’s by your side or you feel like it will when you relax your hand you need to change your fit

  2. Wow. Never tried that before but it works just the way you said. Yay for my PSO at Hard Rock Lanes in Garden City, KS!!!

  3. Mine barely hands on. I’ve had a gnarly burn mark on my thumb for months. It developed when one of my interchangeables was barely too big and the suction caused the burn. I have a tighter thumb that I use now but the burn I’m convinced will be there forever.

  4. Great Tip, I’ve been hanging up and couldnt figure it out, may seem like a simple tip but that was huge, love your channel just ordered a ball thru bowlerx and Thank You

  5. Yup did exactly what yours did had to wiggle to drop off then slid off easy when I keep my hands behind it✊🏾

  6. It seems like I’m always in between — I squeeze and then one more piece of tape and then my thumb is stuck

  7. I’m still throwing my first ball (with the thumbhole drilled round by my pro shop when I bought it). It’s been sometimes too loose in the past, but once I used the right tape in the right places, it fits perfectly. I’m exploring getting a second ball soon, and my pro shop guy definitely thinks I need an oval thumbhole for a better fit this time. I agree.

  8. My ball driller is the best in western pa. I tried the thumb test as you suggested. The ball falls off when it is supposed too. Thanks! 🎳

  9. My ball fall s right off. I just bought it a rhino blue and grey reactive. Had it drilled at the pro shop. He never had me throw a ball and said how it was drilled really didn’t matter to the ball and fitted my hand but it falls right off i am thoroughly unhappy and want to truly get good at bowling and told him this because he seemed to care about bowling and maybe he does just not my bowling. I love you channel and tips thanks so much for your time sir

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