Does the ball hurt your hand? | Here’s what to look for on your own bowling ball fit

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21 Comments on “Does the ball hurt your hand? | Here’s what to look for on your own bowling ball fit”

  1. I’d be nice to come to your pro shop. Problem is it’s a 1,083 mile road trip! Thanks for all your videos!

    1. Chasing300, you must be talking about Lee’s Pro shop where JR works out of. Yeah I live in FL, so that’s a serious road trip. But I bowl at a house 10 min from me but thing is their pro shop sucks, so I go all the way to a place off Saw Grass road 2 hour drive…

  2. Why isnt there a video about pitches? Finger/thumb – reverse/forward. What pitches help you do *what* to the ball ?

    1. For me I’ve started out with a forward (hated it) but forwards your thumb tends to stay in longer.
      Then I went to a neutral- zero- or whatever it’s called and I liked it. easier to release. but still get caught sometimes.
      Now I’m at a little of a reverse and I like it a lot more because i can get my thumb at faster and more smooth without fear of getting caught if my thumb is sweaty or starts to swell after 4-5+ games.

      Anyways there should be some out there on youtube i’ve seen a bunch I’ve had so much of this problem too

  3. great advice as always. Just had 2 new to me balls drilled and my PSO put the thumb pitches different then the 2 balls I already had. The “new” balls come off my hand a lot smoother.

  4. Does a proper fitting have anything to do with a small calluse on the inside of the index finger tip? Drives me nuts….

  5. That’s interesting about putting pressure on the middle finger to get around the ball more, will definitely try that out in practice when I have to move inside

  6. I love videos like this, and I always learn a lot from ur videos and tips , thank u for all the help I appreciate it. Keep the good videos up

  7. After 3 years of figuring out differnt thumb pitches and thumb slug sizes I finally found my thumb and proper span fit after seeing like 4 different pro shop op and coaches lol, including Ron Hoppe haha sorry Ron

    NOW I just need to figure out why my middle finger is getting scratched/cut when I release and also figure out why my middle finger is in throbbing pain 24/7 even without bowling (from finger tip down to middle finger’s first knuckle) I think it’s bruised and forever swollen lol

  8. My fit is just like yours where my span is like that. The only pain I get is from old injuries and life. The ball doesn’t hurt me

  9. The only thing that happens is if I dig my fingers in too far, once I’m warmed up and my hand has loosened up, I’ll get a tendon that pops on the downswing as I load up under/behind the ball. I don’t know if this is a fit issue, as in the span may be a touch long, but as long as I remember not to insert my fingers too far in it’s never an issue. I actually tend to like that it happens, not the pain obviously, but having something give me definitive feedback that I did something wrong.

  10. I have had ring finger issues for over a year. Swelling and stiffness immediately after bowling. Low rev one handed bowler with little flexibility in that finger. Any suggestions?

  11. Great video again JR, that would be a serious road trip for me, live in fl. But I’ve always wanted to met you in person and Lee also.. keep up the good work.. videos like this one have been lost, no many ppl do practice stuff, thumb release or hang ups, switch grips( why ) etc. ok Coach talk to you later.

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