Does the CG matter on symmetrical balls? | Part 2

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23 Comments on “Does the CG matter on symmetrical balls? | Part 2”

  1. Thanks JR, I’m more confused now than I was before ! BTW your little boy is a hoot, enjoy him, while he’s little , they grow up very fast! God bless!

  2. JR have u tested the ball called payback by Andrew Anderson he said it a ball that gonna aloud u to play stright right on the 3 arrow for a long time amd not over hook on u when the oil pattern gets real heavy

  3. Wouldn’t it be wild if you determined that CG doesn’t matter around 17.5 -18.0 MPH? So it would matter for about half of your customer bowlers but not the others. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. yes the question is do we see less difference with short pins or long pins? lots of questions but I think this will keep it simple

  4. At a certain speed nothing matters, so we have to put that into consideration.

    We also have to put into consideration how much of a difference matters. We are talking 0.2-0.3 boards at the pins at 17-20mph and probably 0.3-0.5 at 14mph.

    So does it matter, 100%. Is anyone gaining a real advantage over someone else gaining 0.2-0.5 boards when you are hooking the ball across the lane, probably not.

    If it changed the consistency of the balls dynamics, then it would be on the manufacturers to make them closer to spec. In the end the difference isn’t enough to really worry about

    1. If it results in one extra strike in every 3 games does that matter? I’d say yes. how many cuts have people missed by 10 pins or less? and what if that strike came on a double? every little bit helps.

    2. I love the science of bowling. As a huge math and science geek who loved bowling, people discussing these types of things are very exciting.

      As a kid growing up, no one understood or asked questions. If you did, no one had answers that made any sense or could answer you with any certainties.

    3. CG doen’t “matter” in ball reaction anymore (or maybe “matters much less” is more appropriate) because the effect of the core is so much stronger that it overcomes the imbalance created by the static weights. On a pancake weight block, it absolutely matters.

  5. Is there going to be a future series about pin placement? I thought this video was going to show the UNDRILLED ball rolling down the lane with:
    1) Pin pointed at the ceiling, 90 degrees
    2) pin pointed towards the side, 0 degrees
    3) pin pointed between the two, 45 degrees
    We know that the results would be, but it would still be interesting to see at slow speed like this CG demonstration.

  6. I’m gonna take a guess and say it stops mattering at about 15mph and doesn’t make a difference above that. Starting at 15mph and slowing it down more and more, the greater the difference. Just my guess though

  7. Next test:
    Drill two balls based on “your” pap.
    Put your favorite layout on them.
    But, locate the CG on opposite sides again.
    Align the balls on the ramp so they roll down “over your ball track.”
    In this way the full dynamics of the core and layout come into play but you are now seeing if the CG location helps or hurts the layout by being on opposite sides.
    My guess is putting the CG on the side where it will help the ball drive left will make a big difference and will still make a difference at any ball speed.
    At slow speed the CG combined with the layout will drive the ball quickly into the left gutter, but at normal speeds will give you more drive through the rack.

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