DV8 Damn Good Verge Pearl | Release Video

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The original Damn Good Verge was the most versatile ball in the DV8 line. Now, we bring you the sequel you've all been waiting for.

Introducing the latest DV8 performance ball for the serious bowler, Damn Good Verge Pearl.

The Purple Sparkle Inciter Pearl coverstock is finished with 500, 1000, 1500 SiaAir / Crown Factory Polish for the perfect complement to the original.

The Damn Good Verge Pearl features a modified Threshold core with a lower differential to help control any pattern you may face. With an RG of 2.467 and Differential of .037, you’ll see an ultra-consistent ball motion for every player style.

The Damn Good Verge Pearl is available in your local pro shop starting April 29, 2022.

For the latest information on the Damn Good Verge Pearl and other DV8 products, follow us on our social media pages and visit us at dv8bowling.com

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  1. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball dv8 verge peral with dot technology dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time packy

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