DV8 Trouble Maker Bowling Ball Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

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21 Comments on “DV8 Trouble Maker Bowling Ball Review: Is it Worth the Hype?”

  1. Could the no thumb technology with this ball make it just a touch off when it’s comes to using it with a thumb? Never seen you this speechless about a ball before.

  2. Caveat: I throw no thumb.

    For me this ball is amazing. I can play 22 to 20 at the arrows, 6, 7, 8 downlane and this ball trucks. I notice it needs to mainain the speed and your speed control needs to be impeccible with this ball to get it to peel off the dry.

    Have you tried to up the speed with normal release to keep it on track?

  3. This ball is basically too strong for YOU on a house shot. For us rev limited Seniors it would probably be killer.

  4. If I had to suggest anything a weaker layout for how you roll may make a big difference for you idk just a suggestion

  5. The core was specifically designed for 2 handed bowlers in mind. I think drilling the thumb whole gives the ball a different reaction because the way the core is designed. I could be wrong with that, but that’s my only idea for why it was giving you so much trouble.

  6. Did you check out the layout videos before you drilled the ball? Unlike other balls this is pretty unique. It makes a world of difference

  7. Probably have to throw it again when it’s more oil out there because it’s hard to tell what it does since it hooked through the nose a lot of shots

  8. Don’t how you review absolute turds and do your best to be nice about how bad it smelled. You’re a true professional sir.

  9. That ball seems awesome especially for someone like me around 300 rev , might be something for my bag

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