DV8 Trouble Maker | Chapter 1 | Introduction

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There is no question that the fastest growing and most exciting category in our game is the 2-handed bowler and those that don’t use their thumb. These styles have revolutionized the game, yet there has never been a bowling ball designed with the uniqueness of these players in mind. DV8 saw a need in the market for a ball that would work for traditional bowlers but is specifically designed with 2-handers and no-thumb bowlers in mind, and we are excited to introduce the Trouble Maker.

The shape and features of the Dualistic core are what make the Trouble Maker unique and valuable for “no thumbers.” As you examine a half-ball image of the core, you’ll notice defined areas our engineers built into the design for the two-finger holes to hit specific parts of the core, changing the numbers more dramatically than a typical core shape. We have developed a series of videos that we will be releasing in the coming weeks; make sure you check them out.

The DV8 Trouble Maker launches 04.20.2023!

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7 Comments on “DV8 Trouble Maker | Chapter 1 | Introduction”

  1. For me this ball reminds me of my old dv8 ruckus the only difference I see just by this video is the snap and compared to the ruckus that ball would read the entire lane excited to see where this ball goes

  2. So is it asymmetrical or symmetrical? The picture they put up looks like a symmetrical core. Also is it a true solid, or a hybrid? It’s definitely not a pearl

  3. Cool tech bowling dv8 trouble maker bowling ball with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

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