Ebonite GB4 Hybrid | First 10 w/ Tommy Jones

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From the drill press to the lanes, this is the #First10 frames with Tommy Jones using the GB4 Hybrid featuring HyperKinetic22 Technology!

This ball is available starting 03.23.2023

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9 Comments on “Ebonite GB4 Hybrid | First 10 w/ Tommy Jones”

  1. GB4 solid price should really come down once this new one releases!!!
    I think ill get the GB4 solid to replace my old 2013 Challange. Balance hole was plugged, tried to resurface it back to 1500, but she doesnt work like she used too.

    Besides, I have too many Asym balls in my bag. Only 1 Sym that is Turbo-R. Love that ball!
    I think its time to add another Sym to the bag!

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