Ebonite GB4 Pearl | First 10 with AJ Chapman

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From the drill press to the lanes, this is the First 10 frames with AJ Chapman using the brand new GB4 Pearl!

The GB4 Pearl is available on 02.25.2022!

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3 Comments on “Ebonite GB4 Pearl | First 10 with AJ Chapman”

  1. Pro on a house shot makes a ball look good. What a shock. Although if one bowler had to move that much during 10 frames, imagine trying to use this ball when there are 6-10 bowlers on the pair. Might have the potential to be an over/under nightmare. That was the issue with my GB2 MVP and why I ultimately stopped using it.

    1. I think the point of him moving so much left is to test the limits of the ball, not necessarily because the ball was not doing its job.

    2. Hes only moving that much because he only gets one game. If he wanted to he could stand in the same spot and throw it to the same spot but no one wants to watch that in a ball video. Hes trying to show how versatile it is.

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