Effective Bowling Practice | Practice With A Purpose | ONLY 3 GAMES NEEDED!!

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Effective bowling practice is essential for shooting big scores. Learning how to practice with a plan will tremendously benefit your bowling game. Watch Simoo and Jimoo's practice sessions and see professional tips from the JR Pro Shop crew!

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0:00 – Intro
1:39 – Simoo
5:32 – Jimoo
7:34 – Summary

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26 Comments on “Effective Bowling Practice | Practice With A Purpose | ONLY 3 GAMES NEEDED!!”

  1. Had to take a break this week. Only been bowling just over 2 months. 1 league night and I try to get 6-9 practice during the week. With yalls help on release and hand position my average is up to 150 from 125. High of 193. Getting there!

  2. I bowl league one night and practice twice a week. Only started bowling regularly last September so still have a lot to work on. Only averaging 170, still trying to be consistent with higher scores.

  3. Practice once a week, 1 league and weekend tournaments. I chuckle over the number of times people try to line me up because I’m not striking. 🤣

  4. Love the practice tips guys! Anything we can do at home or not on the lanes for practice, like approach, timing, swing or release?

    1. I used to practice my release at home just by throwing it into the sofa cushions. It definitely helps you get a feel for a good release

  5. i disagree with the ending at 3 games idea, i like bowling lots of games, trying to keep as focused as possible for as long as i can. this gives me muscle memory very quickly

    1. You can bowl 20 games if you want. They’re just implying that in practice sessions you should always focus on the quality rather than the quantity, regardless of whatever you’re working on.

  6. How do you treat the practice time before league games. Do you find your zone and pound it. Or do you bowl to feel out the whole lane. Like roll for your seven or ten pin spares.

    1. Practice before league should be used to break the lane down/find a line that you think will score well. Not a bad idea to throw at your corner pins too just to get a feel for the approach.

  7. I typically practice one session every one or two weeks and it consists of 3-5 games total and typically 50% of my shots are dedicated to spare shooting.

  8. I bowled a lot of games when I had a day off during the week. About 19 in one day. Now my shoulder and arm are sore after 9 games. I have good practice with just three.

  9. I usually go practice 1-2 times a week and do about 5-6 games each day. Honestly I could get done in 3 games but since I don’t live near a bowling alley and it’s a bit of a trek for me to get there I tend to stay a bit longer than I should

  10. Bowl 6 games a day because I work at a bowling center so I get $1 games, and I have a list of 3-4 things I want to work on, and once I feel like I’m happy with one of those things I move on to the next

  11. Whats practice? Will do a bit before a tournament but as you get older the inclination disappears but still love the sport

  12. in my younger days, I would stretch and work on my breakpoint and versatility more often than anything else. I would move by feet 5 boards every shots starting from the 5 board and adjusting hand positions to get to the pocket. then I would also work on getting the ball to 5 board or channel and adjust speeds to get back to the pocket. was always a so-called “pin”bowler and never user a mark but I can read the lane easily and actually tell when the “mark” actually is by watching ball motion.

  13. Been working on spare shooting for the past month or so. I head to the lanes 1 time a week, 2 games focusing on the 7 and 10 pin

  14. I’ve been attacking this from the other direction and I’m OKAY with that. Instead of focusing on one thing I’ve been working on reading the lanes, getting the best look I can with what I have, and if there is something to work on figuring out how to work that while keeping myself at least in the pocket. I realized that I tend to get lost when something isn’t “right” and I tend to get anxious when the lanes aren’t playing “right” so I have been working on the process:
    Was that shot good or bad?
    Was that ball reaction good or bad?
    What needs to change, if anything, to make it better?
    How can you make that change?

  15. I am doing a slightly different kind of practice. On Monday’s my house has a “Mike Aulby” pattern league and I am able to get a lane on the breakdown pair. I have been using that time to try and score well while executing clean shots that are balanced and on time at the line. It’s a challenging shot.

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