ENOUGH HOOK FOR LOW REV PLAYERS?? | Columbia 300 Explosion | Bowling Ball Review | Cuda Powercore

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Low rev specialist Simoo makes his first appearance of 2023 throwing the new Explosion from Columbia 300! How does this roll for a low rev player? Comparing it to the Cuda, watch and find out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:32 – Bowling Box Finish
5:29 – Question Time with Simoo!
5:48 – Compound Finish
7:33 – Summary
10:46 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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24 Comments on “ENOUGH HOOK FOR LOW REV PLAYERS?? | Columbia 300 Explosion | Bowling Ball Review | Cuda Powercore”

  1. Mannn, wish I was spoiled LOL. Do my own surfacing by hand, but have been contemplating buying my own spinner. Little expensive

    1. There are videos of how to make a spinner with basically scrap wood and a drill. I still use good ole elbow grease.

  2. I’m building a 3 ball bag and I am low rev low speed bowler and wondering if I have a hy road now should I get a reactive and urethane and plastic or reactive and urethane to pair with it

    1. Don’t get urethane at low rev rates. If you have a HyRoad rn, I would recommend a strong Asym like a Trailblazer or Absolute

    1. Myself. I might have my pro shop do it if it’s 4000 purely because I don’t have a 4000 right now
      Edit: I have a ball spinner because my whole family bowls and has always

  3. I play around with different surfaces to see the versatility of the ball and I do the m myself

  4. My pro shop acts like your murdering them when you ask them to do something. So I surface myself….

  5. I have a ball spinner at home and always tinker with surface until I find the honey grit for the motion I am looking for.

  6. Cool tech bowling bowling ball coulubia 300 explosion with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time Jr pro shop

  7. That Explosion just looked awful, even with the compound. It never once went through the pins well.

    It looks like the ball is just struggling to stabilize, and it’s unpredictable and unreliable downlane. My $.02, but I think surface would have been better than polish on this one. It needs more traction for the core to get to work. It just looks lazy and slippery as is.

  8. Had me checking my memory on Cuda core. I was like…did they really make it asym with the refresh? lol
    Pretty sure original came out before or right at the same time as the first offsets.

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