Fingertip vs Convention Fit | Bowling Basics | ARE YOU MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE?

Fingertip vs Conventional Drilling? What is it and what is best for you? Sean "Simoo" demonstrates both fits in this vid!

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0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Conventional Pros and Cons
1:41 – Drilling
2:29 – Conventional Bowling
6:24 – Question Time with Simoo
6:42 – Fingertip Pros and Cons
8:26 – Fingertip Bowling
11:11 – Summary

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20 Comments on “Fingertip vs Convention Fit | Bowling Basics | ARE YOU MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE?”

  1. My first drill is gonna take you back to even before you were a twinkle in your eventual parents eye. 1960s Manhattan Rubber but drilled at that time in what was called a semi finger tip. So the progression was full finger drill, semi fingertip, and the finger tip.

  2. First drill specifically for me was a Columbia 300 Beast. Fingertip. Those pink grips and orange slug on that flat purple looked so good. I wonder where that ball even ended up. My mom probably sold it at a garage sale.

  3. Interesting video, I bowled for years fingertip then had a break for a few years when i got back into it had trouble with joint pain , so have gone back to conventional, and are getting pretty good results , as a lefty I’m use to the edge and with my lower ball speed I’m getting a nice rotation and shape , plus no pain ! Works for me .

  4. First ball that was fitted for me with finger tips, was the OG Ebonite Game Breaker back in 2007. Before that, I had an Ebonite Mirage that my mom got me for Christmas back in 2001, which was the first year I started to take lessons. It just had three pre drilled fingers in it and obviously didn’t fit that great, but it still helped me learn basic fundamentals.

  5. I’ve drilled a few balls for a guy who throws conventional, and he’s really good at it and it didn’t really take many revs out of him. The secret is having much more reverse on the fingers and forward on the thumb. In his case, he had 1/2 rev on middle, 5/8 on ring and 1/4 forward on the thumb. This makes it easier to have your hand cupped and release correctly for a hook ball (thumb out first).

  6. My first ball was the hammer black widow legend with finger tip. Once I got more serious into bowling I then added the turbo switchgrip system for my thumb.

  7. My first 2 balls were a Twisted Fury and a Smokin Inferno, both drilled finger tip. I’ve since moved to semi conventional, as I use finger depth of my ring finger to control some of my reaction, since I’m unable to manipulate my hand position very much.

  8. Would have been a better experiment if it was the same ball , drilled both ways could really tell the difference then .

  9. it’d be interesting to see the difference for 2 hand bowlers. I use conventional grip, but sometimes only put my fingers in to the first knuckle if I want to get my hand more around the ball and create some extra revs. It’s sometimes nice to have the option to make that adjustment since the span difference isn’t an issue for 2 handers

  10. The first bowling ball I had was a Ebonite brand and it was an 8 pound ball which was given to me during my 10 grade bowling leauge for school

  11. my first ball was a tzone spare ball and i hooked it pretty well for a 12 pound ball and it was conventional

  12. fist ball i ever drilled was a storm phaze, drilled it with a 2ls system for 2 handers so i could get multiple ball motions while still learning mechanics of my game.

  13. I was first a conventional bowler. i averaged around the 130-140 mark. then my coach told me to experiment with fingertips and that he thought it would be good for me, and it did ok and my average went up to 140-150. a few weeks ago i told him i like the conventional feel a lot more and i had a lot more control around it, so we changed back to conventional and now my average is around 160-170. i get so much hook on the ball, and when the lanes are playing nice i can control it really well

  14. I got my first ball last week right before thanks giving right on Wednesday. It is a Roto Grip Hustle at 14lb. finger tip. First time I was able to hook the ball with out getting super sore or throwing weird.

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