FOR HIGH REV PLAYERS?? | Hammer Envy Tour | Two Styles! | Bowling Ball Review

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Barks and Brando are back with the brand new Envy Tour from Hammer! Comparing these to balls in their current arsenal, is this ball meant for everyone??

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0:00 – Intro
2:38 – Question Time with Barks!
2:55 – Barks Bowling
7:14 – Brando Bowling
13:24 – Summary
17:50 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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23 Comments on “FOR HIGH REV PLAYERS?? | Hammer Envy Tour | Two Styles! | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Obviously, everyone throw it differently with an ideal line+speed+rev rate…but when you mention having to throw it slower…I would find it helpful to know what speed “slow” means. Regardless…love the content!

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball hammer envy tour with carbon fiber technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time Jr pro shop

    1. @Brandon Riley Funny enough, my first “Tour” ball was the Obsession Tour you recommended to me. In league it’s very good, but on sport/tournament shots it’s amazing. I’ve taken the Obsession Tour Pearl down to 2000 and it’s a great complement to the Obsession Tour at that grit. Frankly, they’ve added a dimension to my game that I didn’t even know I was missing. As I continue to bowl more tournaments and difficult patterns, I’m appreciating the “Tour” equipment more and more, especially the Obsession Tour. Thanks, Brandon, for your insight and feedback last year. It’s made a major impact to my game and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

    2. Discourage as I’m concerned that I won’t have the revs to make them corner on a league shot. The motion always looks soooo good though that it’s tempting.

  3. Can you guys post ball speed when doing these ball reviews it’ll help a lot for the people who wanna invest in these balls to see what they do at various ball speed.

  4. It actually encourages me to get one, I’ve had the web Tour Hybrid, the Obsession Tour and the Obsession Tour Pearl, and now I’m going to get the Envy Tour

  5. As a once a week house shot league bowler, I avoid “tour” balls because I’d rather take advantage of the free area that the high ratio shot gives me with a high diff angular ball. In the summer I bowl in a PBA league and definitely do prefer the more “tour” type balls in those conditions

  6. WHAT??? Two LEGENDS Barks and Brando!!! This had gold written all over it and after watching I was not disappointed. Brando or should I call him The Professor. Brunswick Family of bowling balls is killing it!

  7. I’ve had this ball for about two weeks, takes about 6 to 10 games for it to mellow out. Went 278 off a four pin and ten pin out of box with it on house. My current bag that’s going to Juco nationals is evo solid or archetype, envy tour, katana assault (unless I get a widow 2.0 before then), rattler, ocean vibe or purple hammer.

  8. Tour is good. Most of the time tour on a ball is gonna have a lower diff. I pick up mine today. Looking forward to comparing it to my Phaze 2 and reality.

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