1. Easy gents –

    The reviewer is a teenager, who is learning the ropes of creating content. He did a solid job, all things considered. Thats a tough pair in a building that isn’t player-friendly, even when the THS is involved.

    Creating this type of content isn’t easy. Good job, Tyler; and good job, Bowlers Rant, for cultivating (part of) the next generation of industry influencers.

    1. Thanks man, Tyler did an outstanding job and lane 1 will make any bowler think twice about their abilities. ✌️

  2. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball hammer 3d. Offset with dot technology dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time bowler rant

  3. Love the review. Not everyone throws it perfect every time. This brings in different perspectives on how the ball rolls for others and not just the pros.

  4. I love the review guys. Keep up the great work. Shoutout to Bowlers Rant for giving the kid a chance and helping contribute to the future of bowling. I commend y’all.

    1. Just wanted to say this is the house I practice 3x a week and play league at and I’d love to catch you guys there one day!

  5. The Offset was not a ball designed to be used playing inside out. Can you? Of course. Will you leave a lot of corner pins? Absolutely. I had an original and it was the prime money ball when you could play straighter angles on fresh house shots. Even though it is asymmetric, the intermediate diff is very low. So you can theoretically put your favorite symmetric layout in it and have a blast with it. By comparison, the Black Widow 2.0 and balls like the RSTs will give you more down lane motion. The Offset will be a little smoother off the spot.

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