Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ

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PBA Professional Mitch Hupé is at Lucky 9 Lanes to collab with JR Pro Shop throwing the new Black Widow Ghost Pearl from Hammer. As he compares it to the Black Widow 2.0, will this become his new favourite ball? Watch to find out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:18 – Carbon 42' (House Shot)
7:49 – Question Time with Mitcho
8:05 – Autobon 42' (Sport Shot)
13:59 – Summary

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21 Comments on “Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ”

  1. my BW 2.0 is probably the best ball i have ever thrown. I didnt match up at all with the PW and had to sell it.

  2. I’ve only had one Widow ball ever: the Assassin. Recently had to retire it because of a nasty crack on the finger holes. (RIP)

    It made me fall in love with Hammer. Thinking about getting this or 2.0 despite a high-friction House Shot and low revs, lower-med. speed release.

  3. Gotta say, I love my BW Legend… shot my first 300 with that ball, great motion down the lane for someone like me with loft and low speed (14-15mph)

  4. I’ve had the original widow pearl and I currently have the black widow gold and I love my Gold. The ghost looks awesome so will likely buy one in a few months

  5. Always love watching Barks roll some of the Hammer stuff. But, this was a nice change up. I have been in the market for a new ball, and have recently gone to speak with my PSO, which after looking at what I have, we have decided on ordering the Widow Ghost. I haven’t ever had a pearl Black Widow, but I did have two of the original Black Widows, and I have always loved the roll that the core creates. I have been wanting to try a pearl Black Widow ever since the first Widow Pearl came out, and I am really looking forward to getting the opportunity!

  6. mitch did a great review! ive never owned a widow ball but this pin down ghost is looking pretty good. really interesting how the pin down was reading compared to the pin up

  7. Really like this type of review. Enjoyed the way Mitch talked his way through the moves and what he thought of the reaction of each piece in different parts of the lane. Great work.

    1. I agree! Ball reviewers should study this video and learn from it. Throwing different bowling balls from the same spot is really the only way a viewer can appreciate what the new ball is doing. Ball is not for my game but this was the best review I have ever seen. Thanks Mitch

  8. Damn, I saw the vid and I’m like was this the guy who played in LaVerendrye Bowling Lanes on tuesdays? Awesome man! go Winnipeg! 😀

  9. Always wanted an original widow when I was bowling juniors back in the day. Now I love my widow 2.0 and will be picking up this widow ghost for sure.

  10. Ok guys… you got Mitch out to get the Ghost reviewed… now I want to see the other Canadian do a ball review for my Storm balls! Get Frankie out there!

  11. OG Black Widow, loved the way it rolled for me…just wish the coverstock would’ve lasted longer, they wore out too fast.

  12. Widow 2.0 has been incredible for me. It’s a house shot killer but also looked fantastic at the open championships on the team pattern.

  13. So far I only have 2 I just got the Ghost Pearl yesterday I love it, I also have the Black Widow Urethane(Black) I’m planning on getting the 2.0 and the overseas Hybrid

  14. I’ve got a bubble gum ball myself. I won my first tournament with that ball. Super versatile. Pink widow has gotta be my favorite

  15. I’ve had the Widow Gold, and now the Widow 2.0, so I’m sure I’ll be getting the Ghost. I really like the way Mitch had the pin down Ghost looking, but may just go with the same drilling I have on the 2.0. Jonsing to get the Ghost asasp!!

  16. Incredible video! More comprehensive as usual with the more thorough explanations. Also appreciate adding a second pattern for comparison. Mitch is awesome on camera, well spoken, and appears to be very comfortable.

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