Hammer | Black Widow Legend | 2021 limited return of a monster!

Chris Beans breaks down the Hammer Black Widow Legend (2021), an overseas asymmetric private label bowling ball available in limited quantities! Full specs and commentary!

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One Comment on “Hammer | Black Widow Legend | 2021 limited return of a monster!”

  1. I had this when it first came out… now that I think of it, I still might have it. Yes, it was at 500/500/500/1000, as that was the original OOB finish. The NBT cover was the same cover used on the First Blood, and that ball was a beast. The first run of this ball (as it came out in the US) was in 2014 so it is indeed interesting that there is a limited run of this, as the Black Widow Black/Gold would have been the update to this. It’s still worth it, though, especially at that price; it was a $210 ball at the time of the original US release.

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