15 Comments on “Hammer | Black Widow Purple | Asymmetric Sparkle & Shine!”

    1. Yes, and great question. Polish is the equivelent of 5000 grit, while compound is about 2500 grit shine. Compound allows you to still push thru the heads, but isn’t as late as polish. It’s the best of both worlds between surface and shine 🙂

    2. Chris i initially thought so too. Compounds may state that their particles are of a certain number like 2500, but they break down to smaller ones and ultimately leave a much higher finish on the ball making it pretty much the same as polish. Of course this is not always so, but with “out of box” balls, it seems to be so more often than not.

    1. @Oznerol L stil some like vapor zone, nuke cell and iq gold or elm. looked stil dam right lovely

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