Hammer Black Widow Urethane Review: The Strongest Yet!

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Check out my review on the Hammer Black Widow Urethane.


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22 Comments on “Hammer Black Widow Urethane Review: The Strongest Yet!”

  1. I like how you explain quite a bit, and like you said, it’s not just ball throwing. Looking forward to more videos, great job!

  2. Great vid….lots of info. What I would like to see is a shot of where your feet are when you line up on the approach. Its easier for me to see the shape you are creating from where you start to where you release. Great review…..looking forward to more. Thanks.

  3. Great review, this ball was next in my list, I’m definitely getting it now. Perfect description. Thanks again! More hammer videos!

  4. Very nice video I like how you did the comparison to the purple Hammer urethane can you also get a better camera angle of where you started at on the dots with your feet so I can see how you lined up on the approach thank you.

  5. I really love this review style.
    You didn’t just throw the ball, you showed how it compares to other balls on the same line and where this ball can fit in your urethane arsenal.
    I have the Black Widow Urethane and it has been a wonder ball for me.
    I am a slow ball speed, low rev, Full Roller. Old school.
    The Widow has allowed me to play on normal to higher volume house shots with more success than my reactive balls.
    The Widow provides a ton of hook, but that hook is combined with wonderful control.
    If I can do my job and make consistently good shots, then I am rewarded, where a reactive ball will often be more touchy and get me in trouble.
    I use the Widow as my ball on the fresh and if the shot starts to break down and the Widow is rolling up too early or losing too much energy, then I ball down to my Purple Hammer.
    It’s a great two ball arsenal.
    Thank you for this great review of a great ball.
    I invite you to visit my channel where you can see me rolling the Widow using my old school Full Roller style.

  6. Just wanted to say your review sold me on getting the ball and shot my first 300 with it last week 4/9. Though why I ever thought I could use this thing on a light/dry shot is beyond me xD. Has been a monster for me on the heavier house shot Ive faced last few weeks and look forward to bringing it into my first sport shot league this summer.

  7. Good stuff! This was a really solid video. I hate Urethane but am tempted to give this a shot due to how you broke this down.

  8. Thanks for the review, I’m a low rev speed dominate player, I think this would be a good option for league.

  9. Really like the video on this ball. May have to get to go along with my storm fever pitch which is also a really good urethane ball.

  10. This is an excellent video and I do mean excellent. This is the way all those other ball reviews should be done; not the loud headbanger music being played while they only show the strike shots with no commentary! Great job Kyle!!

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