HAMMER HOOK MONSTER?? | Hammer Envy | Bowling Ball Review | FT. MITCH HUPÉ

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Another hook monster?? PBA Pro Mitch Hupe is back with the JR Pro Shop team reviewing the new Hammer Envy! How does it roll for a high rev high speed player like Mitch? Watch and find out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:22 – 38' Los Angeles
4:35 – Question Time with Mitcho!
4:52 – 44' Titanium
6:55 – Summary
8:45 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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32 Comments on “HAMMER HOOK MONSTER?? | Hammer Envy | Bowling Ball Review | FT. MITCH HUPÉ”

    1. we have more than enough hook monsters imo. id like to see some cleaner symmetrical options with medium diff for the burn :). higher RG too like the hyroad. i find once transition starts i get wayyyyy too much over under.

    2. Sometimes Straighter is greater… I think there’s definitely a careful balance. Can’t always just use the strongest thing out there, sometimes the shot demands you tighten up your angles and move right rather than left (as a right handed bowler)

    3. I think it’s like the cylinders in an engine…ball companies should cater to the market. Big balls with aggressive covers = 8 cylinders and a lot of people can enjoy muscle. The vast majority are going to be in a hybrid or smaller engine…so tweaking the core/cover combinations may be excellent daily drivers and grocery getters.

    4. I’d love to see some more development on light oil stuff… Storm did the ride and the joy ride which were High RG low diff balls and play so nicely on dryer conditions particularly on the burn and I wish they’d do a more modern update of these

    5. Ball companies are always going to make balls that hook more as they are going to sell. With how much oil these balls absorb, they do not last as long as they did in the past

  1. I don’t see a need to continue making stronger balls, I’d like to see more effort put into mid to lower end equipment.

    1. Lower end stuff are hidden gems. Some stronger stuff is garbage. My hustle usa was stronger than my idol cosmos and the hustle is short pin drilled.

    2. @Elijah Fulford no actually I seek out every opportunity to bowl the scratch events on sport patterns in my area.

    3. @he lost get over it not true. There’s enough outlets to learn how to rev, even for one handed and everyone wrists the ball now instead of lifting which is easy revs. I think most one handers could generate at least 300rpms and that’s enough

  2. When I first started bowling 20 years ago Track came out with the freak,and the freakout,and the freakazoid. I loved those balls. Matched up to my game of high ball speed less revs as I was just learning. Wish they would bring them all 3 back.

  3. Mitch, this was an excellent review and very professional. The derelict inside me it was really hoping you were going to say, “Alright, I’m just going to get as far left as I can and rip on it”

  4. I feel like making really strong balls that outhook the previous ones gets repetitive, I would like to see more mid/medium high performance bowling balls

    1. it also keeps pushing the envelope with people wanting more oil to be able to throw these hook monsters they buy. its a vicious cycle.

  5. I believe ball manufacturers should focus more attention to balls that are easier to control after the lanes transition.

  6. Mitch, all you need to do is just roll these balls and they hook on there own no skill to hook the ball. I use just 2 fingers, 12 mph downlane. ( slow but great pin action ) I like to see a ball for Low Rev players that can handle most lane conditions. Paul

  7. Making stronger equipment is just going to lead to more and more oil. It’s a pointless exercise.

    To be honest, most “new” releases these days rarely seem all that revolutionary. It’s just new colors and branding on the same ideas we’ve been seeing for years.

    I applaud Roto and Motiv for at experimenting with unique coverstocks now and then.

  8. They need to make more balls for dry lanes! Also more ureathane balls too not for dry lanes but sport conditions!

  9. Think they need to do more fine tuning…the melee carbon has been my favorite so far…I love my zenith and than they mixed with the melee core spot on for me

    1. Just got a barely used carbon today. Guy on eBay has been giving me great deals. Paid $60 shipped. Can’t wait till I get it back from plugged/drilled. Same guy sold me an ocean vibe for $40 shipped. Both are like new.

  10. There seems to be a little too much “specialization” happening with balls these days? When you watch enough ball reviews, you start to see the excitement when a pro gets a ball they feel they can use in a lot of different scenarios. It would be nice to see fewer balls in an arsenal, and more adjustment to the players game required for success.

  11. Companies only need to keep chasing hook monsters if advancements in oil dictate that it needs to happen. I’d rather that companies stick with tweaking highly successful balls/cores to give bowlers more options with a shape they like.

  12. I think there is a balance somewhere. New technology is awesome, but some of the old reliables might be well served to get a bit of an upgrade. Radical has the Ridiculous series, for example, that they work on improving. Storm has the Hyroad and the !Q, and SWAG has the Joker. Those are the brands I’m most familiar with, but I am sure there are plenty of manufacturers who allocate resources for improving their old stuff. Thanks for the content.

  13. My home house and the other houses around my area are all higher friction, so generally speaking for me having a high rev rate, bigger asyms are a no go. These kind of balls are just too strong for the majority of what I bowl on. I’d have to REALLY back out of it and speed it up, but I don’t like the way the ball gets through the pins. Long pattern tournaments I’ll break out my Proton Physix and I love it, but that’s few and far between.

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